Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Super long December post

Ok, I haven't updated in awhile, but that's a good thing. I was focusing on more important areas of my life. Speaking of life, there's nothing like a good physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental storm(s) to hit you all at once. That was basically my past 2 weeks.

Let's see, I had exam finals and a term paper to deal with, constant power outages (literally, constant), and my Mom being rushed into the hospital all at the same time. I think a fair majority of people can identify with our crazy weather systems that hit the Lower Mainland, wow. I had finished studying around 3am one night, and as I was going to bed, I heard so much howling and trees shaking from the wind, it was so strong it sounded like cars driving past our house outside. I looked out the window to stare at the trees and everthing shaking, and *ptoof* out goes the power for the entire neighbourhood. Praise God, I had just finished studying some powerpoints on the computer 10 minutes before.

As for my Mom, she was rushed to the hospital right before my first final exam started, and then ironically, she was released the day they ended (which the doctors are amazed at considering her medical condition; people were praying and God was/is faithful in take care of her, email me if you want to know more). Now she's on a 24 hour IV drip that gives her antibiotics.

Siiiiiiiigh. It's all over now. It almost feels like a dream though. Those past 2 weeks almost feel like they happened a month ago or something. I don't really want to dwell on it anymore. I felt so overwhelmed at times and it was dark. But it's over.

Soooo, onto a new topic....

I'm still quite cynical, maybe more angry this year at what Christmas has become. I've seen stupid news reports on TV where the headline was "The War on Christmas" where some reporters went and "investigated" whether or not random people on the street will say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" to various other people, or why Christmas trees were pulled down because some guy thought it would be offensive if other religious things weren't put beside them. Baahhh....IDIOTS. And I'm still angry at all the commercialism and for people who think they have to give gifts, because it's the season to do so, yadda yadda yadda. Incompetence in the shopping malls. Don't get me wrong, giving gifts is great. Receiving gifts, is also great. But giving gifts for the sake of giving gifts, or just because everyone else is giving gifts or because the mass media is telling you to give gifts, just doesn't sit well with me. And Christmas cards...oooo how I loathe Christmas cards. Christmas cards (oh, pardon me, I meant to say Holiday cards...NOT!) are probably one of the biggest factors that contributes to global warming. Save the trees!

New topic: Asian men stereotypes

If you don't really follow the TV show Survivor, then you probably don't know that a Korean American guy named Yul Kwon won a few days ago. He mentioned that a reason he wanted to do the Survivor thing was because he wanted to help break bad Asian male stereotypes and in my opinion, he did it pretty well. I just find this really interesting because I took ASC 301, and just finished ASC 300, so I'm really not surprised if within the next few months or so, there will be a bunch of new academic journal articles that talk about this guy.

New topic: Stuff I really really want, right now.

Please note, this is not a Christmas list. NOT a Christmas list. I just thought this would be a fun thing to do because in this season of economic greed, I thought I'd add my own two cents to share with the world. Hey,our
wants will never end.

- a Dyson DC07 Animal

Most guys my age want a car, and I do, I just can't afford the upkeep of one. However, I do a lot of vaccuuming and hohohoooooo.....this thing is sooooo beautiful.....
-a huge slab of lean BBQ pork. I think the redder the skin is, the more lean it is. So sweet, so tender....
-a Strida3 bicycle with mudflaps....sob sob....not available in North America... 

-bacon. Lots of bacon.

-ummmm....a Colt Python 6in revolver by
Tokyo Marui....so pretty. I thought they used to make a 9in model....o well

-ah who am I kidding. I want my own Futureshop, Wal-mart Supercenter, Canadian Tire, and T&T supermarket.

-to be taller
-and a king-sized Twix
-----------------Saw gas for around 108¢/litre the other day. I think it's around 104¢/litre now.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fall 2006 Semester = End

It's a little hard to believe that it was summer 3 months ago. Anyways, it's almost final exam time. Yay! I'm so excited! Exams are so much fun and I'm so happy! Not (but actually right now, I am happy).

Last Tuesday, because of the weather I got to walk on water.

The AQ Reflections pond froze over. See?

You have to admit, that's pretty cool (pun possibly intended).
Paulman was cooler. He skated. On the pond. At SFU.
And he did it for free too.

How cooler is that? His actions are like a legend now. Hundreds of years from now, people will question amongst themselves, is it true, the one called Paulman skated on the SFU pond? And what are skates? (ok, so I'm assuming global warming is on schedule in my lame little joke. Doesn't feel like it is because of our recent temperatures...)

Anyways, I saw two random/funny things today:
1. A girl talking on her phone outside the library.
Oh wait, I forgot to mention, she was smoking, two cigarettes... at the same time!
2. A guy on the bus reading a book called Linux Server Hacks.

Ok, so maybe they're not that funny.-
Maybe its because you're not funny.
Nyah nyah! 8^p