Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am such an idiot

I have never left a movie theater feeling angry before. Usually I'm happy and sometimes in awe of the great storytelling, until tonight. I just saw Knowing and I left the theater angry.

It is so incredibly stupid, I feel like an idiot for freely choosing to see this movie. I was not coerced, I was just under the assumption that it would be intersting, but KNOWING IS ONE OF THE STUPIDEST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! If only I knew. Sigh.

I wish I could erase the part of my brain that remembers the movie in my brain, because its taking up valuable space. Don't see this movie. If you love yourself, don't watch this movie. If you really must though, don't spend money to watch this movie. Trust me. Read the entry on Wikipedia on it, read forums, read about how much other people hate it. It's really that bad. That's why I'm taking the time to vent about it, because I feel like such an idiot and I need to warn everyone else.

Nicolas Cage and the female protagonist (forget her name) yell at each other unnecessarily a lot because Nicolas Cage doesn't know how to communicate and answer simple questions. A bunch of aliens torment a bunch of kids and lots of violin/suspenseful/potentially scary music is overplayed in too many scenes. Every student at MIT who owns a laptop chooses Dell. In the end, it turns out the numbers on the paper are predicting the end of the world, and two children are transported somewhere by the aliens to start the human race afresh. The earth is burned up by the sun. The End. Oh wait, her name was Diana.

I need to go watch TV and try and cleanse this filth from my mind.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Brain Atrophy

I had a term paper due last week on Tuesday, April 14th. I was really looking forward to writing it because I thought I had it all figured out.

So on Tuesday April 7th, I go to the library borrow a lot of books I figure that I'll need for research.
On Wednesday, April 8th, I start a bit of research.
Thursday, April 9th, I procrastinate and play video games.
Friday, April 10th, I procrastinate and play video games.
Saturday, April 11th, I procrastinate and play video games.
On Sunday, April 12th, I start to panic in my mind a little since I only have about two days left and so I start doing (haha "start") my research again. I end up nodding off to sleep during my research.

On Monday, April 13th, (its due tomorrow), I start being really productive by late afternoon, lets say 5pm.
By 9pm, I've spent a lot of time on my introduction. It is really slick and I'm proud of it.
But now its 11pm, oh crap, I still have 2000/2500 words left to write? I've only just nailed down my thesis.

Sure, 2000 words isn't that bad but considering I had a whole week, I'm slightly bummed and now diminishing marginal returns is starting to set in a bit (sort of); as time progresses (or "increases"), quality of writing decreases.

Now its 2am, early Tuesday morning. I've given up on that grade-A paper I was planning on getting.
Sun is starting to peek through my window at 6am... must write... anything...
It's 7am, and I'm nodding off at the keyboard.
I give up at 9am. I've finished a rough draft of my citations. Time to sleep. I'll wake up at 10:30am to finish it.

Sleep through multiple alarms and snoozes. Wake up at 12pm.
After some food, its 1pm and my productivity has amazingly sky-rocketed.
Go to school and hand in paper at 3pm.
Brain atrophy starts to take stronger hold over my body.

For example, while cleaning my room a few days later, I found some maps I've been saving. I love maps. They're fun to look at. I'm easily amused by Google Maps (and before that Keyhole) and looking at countries and where things are located.

So anyways, in the beginning of phone books, there are local maps of the Lower Mainland and I've always thought, it'd be fun to tear them out and stick them all together to make a giant map of Greater Vancouver. So I did that. Sort of.

I had cut off all the side bars and was already 1/3 of the way done taping all the small pieces together, but as I was overlapping them and making the roads and other parts of the maps perfectly aligned, I realized, they weren't perfectly printed and the maps weren't 100% aligned or to scale. Some roads didn't connect perfectly. So I gave up.

I still love maps though. They're fun to look at.

Monday, April 06, 2009

I am such a fool

Warning: this post won't make much sense and will be incredibly boring to you if you're not a Christian.

God's patience is amazing, especially with me. I am such a fool. If I had to deal with me on a regular basis, I’d beat myself up already for being so annoying. And it wouldn’t be last year’s weakling Tim, it’d be future no-quarter-given-Tim who head-butts, eye-gouges, throat-punches, and crotch-kicks all at the same time.

So while procrastinating doing work/research, just a few moments ago, I ended what must have been a good 30-minute conversation (or longer) with a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was so full of pride and confident in myself (cue warning sirens) that I thought, hey, this should be fun! I’ll go talk to them and see what happens!

After many instances where I listened quietly (oh man, they talk so much!) and pretended to be ignorant about some things (which turns out wasn’t an act), I have full confirmation that I do not know my Bible, I do not know where to find things that are central to my own faith, and I really do not know my own Bible. Also, it was a little fun to be on this side than on the other side for a change. But good sunny weather and polite Jehovah’s Witnesses aside, I feel somewhat humiliated, embarrassed, and definitely foolish, for…. yeah…. I’m a fool.

Interesting things to note: they drove a Nissan, one lady (must have been 30s) was Filipino but she’s learning Mando and Canto!? And the other older lady (maybe, late 50s early 60s) was from Taiwan and the older who was training the younger was much more forceful. Also, they really don’t like the idea of Jesus as God. This is one of the key things I learned that I need to know.

On the bright side, it’s a wake up call from God (not the same as the Jehovah Witnesses god that they were trying to share with me about) that He gave me a Bible and it won’t read itself. Also, the war is not against flesh and blood (eg. the JWs), but against the evil spirits who seek to discredit and distort God’s message and anything against God (Eph 6:12). Idiot.. I feel like I’ve just been neutered or something… probably the wrong analogy but I'm going to stick with it for now.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pointless Post #26

My life has reached a new low.

I goof off and make lots of lame jokes all the time, but apparently my "personality" was misunderstood (haha shut up) as a gay guy in Convo Mall asked me out today.

For the record, I declined. When the semester is over and I have free time again, I'm going to buy a truck so I can work on it, then I'm going to take up hunting as a hobby, watch even more hockey, and do more manly things.


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