Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pointless Post #75

Just completed my first ever wedding doubleheader*! I attended a wedding at 10am and then another at 1pm.  Both were beautiful.

I feel like I accomplished something great, mostly because I'm super tired right now, but all I really did was not get lost on the way to the churches, show up on time, pretend to be happy**, and eat all their food.

Oh and to top off an eventful day, I saw a skunk in front of the YWCA on Beatty Street in downtown Vancouver.  It made me reminisce of the time I saw a raccoon by the Vancouver Convention Centre near the downtown waterfront during the Olympics.

Freshpie out!
There's chocolate candy in there!

*Note to self: I wikipedia'd the word "doubleheader" and I already know I've used it incorrectly. 
**Note to readers: that was sarcasm; I really was happy.  Did I mention that both the weddings AND couples were beautiful?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not All Chips Are Made Equal

I love potato chips.  I love the aroma, their crunchy look, the feel of the grease and salt on my fingers, and most importantly, the wonderfully crispy, delectable, savoury taste that delights my palate and causes it to crave for more and more.

You might assume that if you and I were together at the same dinner or party and there was a communal bowl of chips on the table, that you would soon spot me heaping mounds and mounds of the starchy goodness onto my own personal plate.  Or that maybe I would just park myself and stand there the entire night, feasting away from the bowl.  This is not so.  In this context, potato chips mean almost nothing to me because I have too much social decorum.  I also fear that not all my fellow guests have not washed their hands prior to plunging their grubby paws into that same communal bowl.  I've used public washrooms before.  I notice when people walk out of stalls and don't wash their hands.  It scares me.

I like eating chips alone.  All by myself.  If I could lock myself up in a closet, I would do that.  Except I probably wouldn't because it would be too dark and cramped inside.  Also, I prefer eating chips in front of a television.  For you visual people (which is actually everyone with eyes), here's a graph that explains it further:
As illustrated by my very scientific graph, the number of people that I have to share my snack with is inversely proportionate to the tastiness of the chips that I'm eating.  Don't act so shocked.  This isn't the "Experiencing God's Love" graph.  God's love is eternal.  Potato chips are not.  I need to eat and savour each chip because each one is precious in my eyes.  Even the broken bits and crumbs at the bottom of the bag.  I will not cast you aside.  People don't know how to appreciate chips like I do.  And by people, I mean the dirty ones who don't wash their hands after relieving themselves on the toilet.  

Unlike God's love, I pour out my favour more on certain chips because some are inherently more special and just plain better than others.  Examine these two kettle chips:

You can click on it for a high-res version.
Here's a close up of the one on the left, as I hold it up against the light.  It's a normal chip and predominantly opaque.  It tastes very good.

Here's a close up of the chip on the right.  It's a super greasy and glorious.  This picture doesn't do justice, but it's saturated with so much oil that compared to the other chip, it's translucent.  And it tastes DELICIOUS.

There are periods in my life when I won't be able to come across any of these super, oily chips for bags and bags at a time.  But sometimes, on those predestined and God-ordained days, I might come across one of these chips and I'm just like this guy who found his cheese doodles while trekking around the South Pole (PS- you should watch the video in full with the CC annotations turned on).

Oh who am I kidding.  That's what I do each time after I tear open the bag and inhale a big breath of potato chip bag air. Mmmmm....

La Fin.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

October is a Long Time from Now

Watched the Canucks get knocked out of the playoffs tonight.
Drank a glass of red wine from my Spider-Man cup.
Watched the last two episodes of this season's The Walking Dead that I've been neglecting.
Binge-ate a whole box of vegetable crackers.

Tomorrow is a new day.
And until then, go Whitecaps!
...and Chelsea in EUFA 8^D

EDIT, April 24, 2012: Chelsea beat Barcelona to advance to the EUFA Champions League Final in Munich thanks to the first away goal by Ramires, but since I might not have many other chances in the future..... FERNANDO TORRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gas was 138.8¢/litre today.  I still hate you, gas companies.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pointless Post #74

I went for a bike ride on Easter Sunday and filmed these videos. I think they're self-explanatory. They're also a waste of time.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Pointless Post #73

What kind of person has cheetah print car seat covers?
The same kind of person that has a cheetah print license plate frame.

It exists. I saw it with my own eyes on a really ugly gold/beige Hyundai Accent.
Gas was 144.8
¢/litre a few days ago. Today it was at 142. Oil companies, you are dirty evil people.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Teaching English in Korea

Did you know online TOEFL courses are remarkably easy? In other Tim-news (insert drum roll here) I'm going to Korea to teach English to school children at the end of August! It's a 12-month contract, based on a referral from my cousin who used to work at that same school in Jinhae. It's a "sleepy" little town compared to Seoul, so I should be able to bike everywhere I go, because that's what she did when she was there. Just the thought of commuting by bike excites me, let alone living and working in another country. Hopefully I'll be able to do some travelling and perhaps visit some friends during my stay (and maybe relatives in nearby countries?).

The Canucks better win the Cup this year otherwise I'll be forced to order NHL Game Centre Live, but on the bright side, Korea has the best and fastest internet speeds in the world, right? RIGHT?!?!