Monday, March 28, 2011

Pointless Post #58 (GIRP best times and Inside the Boxes)

Whats better than a yuppie? An effeminate hipster yuppie!
I was grinning to myself for a few minutes afterwards.

Him: Annyung-say-o! [that's how I heard it]
Me: [staring blankly and thinking to myself] Did he just say "hello" in Korean?

Him: You're not Korean?
Me: Oh, haha no sorry. I get that sometimes.

Him: Cho-san! [that's what I heard]
Me: [staring blankly]

Him: You're not Japanese?
Me: I'm Chinese.

Him: So you speak Mandarin?
Me: No...

Him: You're Canadian born...I was born in Sangai!
Me: [nodding my head]
Him: Hey can I borrow your phone? My car got towed.

I don't have a clue where Sangai is. I must have misheard him.
Also, GIRP is fun. My best is 36.4m.LinkUpdate (March 29, 2011): New best of 64.3m

Update (March 30, 2011): Finished it!
Inside the box: Ball in a cup - 31m 24.4s

Update (April 1, 2011): New Tim-best times
Inside the box: Antibacterial gel - 14m 56.8s

Inside the box: A branded yoyo - 10m6.9s

Update (April 3, 2011): Inside the box: Worm casserole and A temporary tattoo
I know my facial expression would be more than disappointed if I climbed all the way up a cliff for that.

...and when I think I'm making good time, the stupid bird keeps interfering with me and then this happens:Winner: Bird <==== ALSDKJFLAKSDJHFLKJHWHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!!?

Update (April 5, 2011): New best time!
Inside the box: Two carrots - 8m57.5s
That bird is so resilient, no matter how many times I punch or swinging heel kick that thing in mid-air! It kept beating me all day yesterday too.

Update (September 6, 2015): Inside the box: 100 rubber bands

Update (April 16, 2016):Inside the box: A vintage coke bottle

Saw gas for 135.9¢/litre a few days ago.


nemis said...

Hi All,

My best is: 5:31,8

Anonymous said...

24 minutes 31 seconds
Got a Shower cap

Tim said...

nemis = skillz

and @anon, shower caps are practical! i'm a little jealous. but not really.

Anonymous said...

I got 23 pogs!!

Tim said...

i miss pogs

Anonymous said...

Inside the box:
A pumpkin