Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dairy is dairy

In this last week of 2017, I consumed a lot of half and half (10% fat) and whipping cream (30% fat) at a 90% rate of personal satisfaction and 10% rate of shameful regret (hence this blog post).  I didn't plan to; it just happened (insert punchline and/or murder alibi here).  I didn't want either dairy product to go to waste, so I thought it was better for me to consume it.  And I did! :D :D :D

No Frills had a crazy sale on Christmas Eve where 500ml cartons of half and half were being sold for 10¢/each.  TEN CENTS EACH.  What a steal!  The caveat is that the best before date was Dec 25, but that didn't bother me.  It's on sale for ten cents!  I don't use creamer in my everyday life.  I don't even drink coffee regularly, but at 10 freaking cents?!?  Come on!  I bought one* litre's worth of half and half.  Happy birthday Jesus and happy birthday to me!

The whipping cream that came into my possession was an opened 1L carton from my sister who had needed it for a soup recipe.   Unfortunately for her, she only needed 250ml, but the store was only selling 1L size cartons.  She had all this leftover whipped cream and no more use for it.  I wasn't planning on making on cream soups or pastas in the next little bit, so the only rationale option was for me to whip it and eat it.

As my momentous, dare I say it, legen-dairy year comes to a close, I can confidently share these two lessons I've learned from ingesting all this creamalicious goodness and that is:

1. If you're making a milkshake and substitute half and half for the milk, the taste is marginal.  Actually no, it'll taste creamier and better than regular, dumb old 2% milk. 10/10 I'd do it again.

2. Beating (or in my case blending) 500ml of whipped cream into a nice, billowy glob and eating it is healthier than drinking 500ml of liquid whipped cream straight.  I mean, it's science.  It's lighter.

Goodbye old friend...
 *946ml give me a break

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

You should watch the smash holiday movie classic "Jingle All the Way"

It has nostalgia!  It has brilliant one-liners!  It has SINBAD!

While watching this movie late last night, I googled "get outta my way box" and was very pleased to see my favourite scene was uploaded on YouTube.  It's not the best quality, but the humour transcends it:

The clip ends too soon, but the way the other ornaments come over to look at their box-friend just kills me every time. Oh man, hahahahaha!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Les lapins ce soir, avant le noir (du nuit)

I'm running out of French rhymes.

I saw multiple rabbits last week late in the evening before it got dark!  I actually saw three of them.

I've also seen them multiple times this week too.  I don't think I'll post about seeing Mr. Bun anymore (mostly because there's definitely more than one Mr. Bun), but they sure are cute.  Rabbits in the wild!
Somewhere in there....
You'll be able to see....
A blurry rabbit.

And if you pan left a little bit...

There's another!  Yummy.
And later in the evening on another day...
I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie

To the hip hip hop and you don't stop

Thursday, September 21, 2017

RIP Chalkboard Mug

January 2014 - September 2017

We had a good run, 794 photos or so.  It slipped out of my hands as I was walking to the kitchen to refill it with hot water.  Life is tough.

Here's a look back on better times:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Real men pack their own lunches

There was an article I read a few years ago that talked about why Mark Zuckerberg (and other people) wears the same thing everyday and how it's about saving time and energy in decision making.  Even though the article was about physical appearances, I applied the idea to my noon time meal habits and since January of this year, I've been "making" and packing the exact same lunch about 95% of the time.

For about ten months in 2016, I did something similar where I'd make two wraps for lunch every day (whole wheat tortilla with potato salad, vegetable, and chicken nuggets as filling), but when 2017 hit, I wanted to simplify it even more. 

I cut out the tortillas and potato salad, and thus the national standard of the utilitarian, bachelor's home made lunch was born.

My female colleagues seem to be very intrigued and yet appalled at this, but this is what I eat every day for lunch:


Four chicken nuggets and a few handfuls of boiled cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots (aka California-mix).  I prepare several day's worth of meals in a batch (I've never tried doing a whole week's worth...the nuggets are already pretty soggy by Wednesday):

Mon-Wed meal prep done on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I eat at my desk, cold from the fridge (which curiously appalls another female colleague even more).

One of my cousins said she does something similar (packing lunches for work in batches) except she makes sandwiches for the week and freezes them.  She's more hardcore than me; I'm not fond of the idea of eating thawed, chilled bread.  But we both agreed that the benefit in savings is great!

Special thanks to the  FÖRTROLIG food container from IKEA for making this post possible.  Regular price at $3.49 or $2.99 when on sale!  I went to university.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Pointless Post #106: Dat Waistline Edition

After arriving at church this morning, it dawned on me that I'd forgotten to put my belt on, yet my jeans fit perfectly.  Not too tight; not too loose.  I bought these jeans about a year and a half ago with a little lee way in the waist, but I guess I've finally "grown" in to them.  Yay me.

I am eating a bag of chips as I write this.  No regrets.

Man, my phone camera sucks.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Un lapin est ici, cet après-midi

Approximately 16:15 this afternoon.... I was within about three feet of it.  It was fearless! And cute.
I have less desire to eat rabbit dumplings now.
Over heereeeeee!

I'm a rabbit!
Om nom nom this weed I'm eating is more delicious than a box of Trix, foo'!
EDIT: August 16, 2017, saw it again this morning.  Maybe it's more than one rabbit...
EDIT: August 17, 2017, saw it this morning too.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

J'ai vu un lapin ce matin

On my way into work...
6:38 am bunny!!!

Actuellement c'etait la semaine passee, mais j'aime le rhyme :-)

I can't help, but wonder what rabbit dumpling would taste like.  Probably would need to be pan fried and then have a little rice vinegar with it assuming the meat has a gamey flavour.  Ha!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dear 12-Year Old Tim...

You're welcome :D :D :D

EDIT 2017-10-05:  And fast forward multiple lessons and eight jumps later....


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

IA World Tour: Wildlife Selfies

aka animals I encountered while on my trip last month

Cows in Rishikesh
Outside Rajaji National Park at 6:45am

On the way to Mussoorie (they almost knocked me off the mountain)
Cute doggie outside the Landour Bakehouse

Monkeys in Mussoorie
Tired dogs (there was another one near my feet, outside of the frame)
Contented bulls in overflowing piles of garbage

Happy pigs in a "river" bed
Polite, single file cows and bull
Wary dog and pups going down Penang Hill

 Not pictured: 

Monitor lizards on the beach 
that scuttled away too fast

Curious goat outside the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Normal cow outside the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Bonus-IA: Hong Kong IA (International Airport)
Duty free cow display in HKIA???