Monday, October 31, 2005

So sore*…and more random junk

Uggg… back from church….
Played hockey…..
So sore*…..(even a muscle in my butt is sore*….I didn’t know I even used that one for sports…)
Ooooggg….it was fun though…
Should sleep well tonight….......zzzzzzz

Remember that Canucks game I talked about over
here? Bah, it doesn't matter if you do.

Well, if you’ve been to GM place, you’d know what 50/50 tickets are.
For those who don’t, they’re just an in-house lottery type thing that they sell during the night’s event to rake in mucho revenue and give some to a charity or whatever they say they're going to do with it.
And apparently that night, two well known commentators, (Tom Larscheid and John Shorthouse), who can always be heard on CKNW 980 (on the AM dial when there’s a Canucks game), won that lottery.
It’s quite amusing. (Right click => Save Target As… => Desktop => Save)

*edited soar to sore Nov 9, 2005...can't spell....lousy english....

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Site Meter Fun and more random pics

I use Site Meter to track the hits to the Terriblelands (isn't that a fun word? all together now class, "the Terriblelands"). Anyways, someone in Ljubljana, Beltinci, Slovenia googled a funky word and they found my site, because my site was ranked number one according to that word.

Try it yourself. Go to
Google, and type in "stupidnes"

See? I'm ranked number one. My site is the most important thing related to "stupidnes" according to Google. Fascinating.
funny picture of Mr. Wayne Gretzky. This was during the game that I was talking about over
here, and he was upset that the referee allowed a goal that was pretty iffy. (Ain't his teeth white?)

and here is some sort of networking job at a convention/expo whatever thingy place.
All that CAT5 (i think) cable.....its so beautiful yet so disturbing at the same time.....I think you'll only understand this if you've played around with network cables before.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lotto fever, bleak world, more gas, and happy corn

I meant to post this yesterday, but as I mentioned here, I decided to study instead. But I figure it’s still worth talking about it now. Yesterday, the Lotto 649 jackpot was estimated at $40 million, (Canada’s biggest ever) but ended up $54 million or something like that. And because yesterday was the draw, people were buying tickets like crazy and the news, specifically BCTV News on Global, decided that it was newsworthy enough to have approximately 17 minutes out of one hour (in my head I'm thinking "!!!!!!!!!!") to just talk about the lottery and promote how great it would be to win that poopin thing.
Almost every single person that was interviewed would have a dumb grin on their face saying that they held the winning ticket and that they would do this and this and buy this and that and etc etc etc…
Meanwhile, other people around the world thought it would be wiser to discuss solutions and plans in case an avian flu pandemic would break out amongst us vulnerable humans which according to the experts would kill [drum roll] - a lot of us. Which is more important…seeing people talk about pointless gambling? Or being warned that a certain fraction of the world’s population is going to drop dead in a matter of months? Hmmmmmm….lets think about that for uno momente...

I saw 95.5¢ / litre yesterday. I also saw 94.9¢ / litre today. Compared to last week.
And finally, a random photo update, which I will eventually put under Random Junk => attachments (aka random photos)

Happy Corn!!!! (thankee to mister NIC 10/100, but actually isn’t – ignore that private joke)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Current gas again....and I need to be more thankful

I saw on Saturday, Sunday, and today, gas for about 96.3 (varies) ¢/litre. How unfascinating!
Well, start of week 8 of the semester. So tired. Sigh. Busy. Soreness. Work. Sigh. Humongo-mania extra uber-licious crazy-tastic econ 105 midterm to cram for (which means I'll probably try to be diligent and not post until the end of the week). Sigh. Hair too long. Watch strap broke. Sigh.

Siiiigh. All my issues and weird thoughts listed above are meaningless.

The last time I heard, there were over 80,000 estimated dead because of the earthquake (happened Saturday, October 8, 2005) in the Pakistan-India region. Most people there are struggling to find ways to get clean food / water, take care of their injured / sick family members or friends, and need adequate shelter before winter comes. And most of their homes and stuff is gone.

Closer to home, Hurricane Wilma just went through the southern part of the US of A and flooded a ton of places in the Florida area and strong winds destroyed lots of buildings (including homes). Water damage as far as the eye can see.

Compared to these people, wow, have I got it good. Life seems a lot better for awhile when you take the time to count your blessings, despite the fact you'll take it for granted the next day. Siiiiiiiigh. A purpose for every single thing that happens.....

Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm Roadworthy

To World (and it's inferior inhabitants):

I have my Class Seven Drivers License (the "N").
I now have been given the legal authority to commandeer two-ton masses of steel (on wheels) that are capable of imposing massive force at my every wish.

Rejoice with me,
or, fear me.
[shakes angry fist]


[blows kisses, gives the Queen E wave]

You know what? The only reason I passed was because I got a nice, reasonable examiner and God directed my hands, eyes and feet while driving. All glory is His. Without His help, I'd still be a piece of flesh, forced to walk or taking Translink (U-pass-ing all over the city). Apparently I got mucho demerits though, but they can kiss my tailpipe.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Canucks on TV and random

Wow, I sure have missed Jim Hughson’s voice. And what a great game with the Phoenix Coyotes. I know it’s shocking, but tonight has been the first game I’ve seen start-to-finish this season. All the games before were either on TV channels we didn’t get or I was busy working. Mmmm…hockey….

Anyone notice Wayne Gretzky’s teeth lately? They’re pretty white. I wonder if he uses those whitening strips…but that’s not the point. The point is, has anyone ever seen Gretzky mad and yelling?!?!?!? It’s amazing (compared to him in the 1998 Nagano Olympics [i think]). I guess that makes him a real coach. Minus the profanities being yelled at 90 db at the ref (I don’t think Gretzky swears…he has kids…). Still a legend. I wonder if someday he’ll be hosting Coach’s Corner on CBC….hmmm…..i can't seem to picture him wearing a funky plaid three-piece suit....

btw, just for fun, I saw gas at 99.9¢ / litre today…

Oh yeah, one more thing, about the Translink strike (“relating” to the teacher’s strike). Apparently now they’re not officially going on strike, but some workers might be walking off the job anyways, so some bus routes will probably be down. This is going to force all people to either check the Translink website or watch/listen to the news to figure out if they can get to their destination. Gaaaaah. Isn’t selfishness just a great way to affect as many people as you can around you in the most negative way possible? Lovely. But it’s not right for me to pick on Translink and strikers. It’s everyone. Including me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everyone being idiots to everyone. There, I just made the world better.

(its hard to tell, but there’s lots of sarcasm in the above paragraph)

(ACTUAL TIME OF POSTING: 11:22 am, Friday October 21, 2005....I meant to post this yesterday, but blogger wasn't working and i gave up and went to sleep and posted it now instead of yesterday. so there.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stupid strikes and general ranting

I watched a bit of the news this evening and it’s irritating. I don’t know the whole story of why teachers are striking (something about money), but I do know that it’s not helping anyone. And now some big brained idiot(s) gets the great idea that other people in the workforce should strike / join picket lines in “support” of teachers and now there’s going to be a Translink strike on Friday (2 days from now) too. Just wonderful.

How does this help teachers? The people in charge of these activities always say on the news something like, “This is not an attack on the public / children, we just want to show the government / department heads / leaders blah blah blah....” But in the end who does it affect? How does a bunch of people sitting / standing / walking outside a school in the rain and wearing cardboard signs “make a difference” (and why is there such a thing as strike-pay?!!?!)?

If people want reform and are targeting governments (or other decision making bodies) they shouldn’t be causing trouble in public places and having meaningless rallies / strikes. Instead you go to the homes of where the government people live and set up camp in their front yard. You find out their phone number / fax number / cell number / neighbour’s number / e-mail and spam them into submission. But this should also be done in a legal manner. Although, my idea doesn’t legal. More like stalking. Well fine then maybe a little vendetta would help quicken the negotiations.

Sigh. Most of what I said is probably useless / not helpful / not do-able. It’s just that when you see bad things happening on the news and then you see it around you when you step outside your house, its frustrating and makes you wonder why these inconvenient and impractical things keep happening. Another sigh.

Advice for the Day:

It’s probably best not to take out Vitamin C pills from a small plastic bag and pop them in your mouth when you’re on the bus or in any public place. And probably not good to do it in east Vancouver as well. Especially when your Vitmain C in a baggie looks like this:

It’s amazing how it kinda looks like an illegal narcotic.
“psst, is that funny lookin’ Chinese kid doing drugs? on the bus?!?!”
“wow he sure is funny looking”

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

les Gas prices again and etcetera

Phew. I started studying at 11pm, ended around 3am and then had the PHIL test about 6 hours later. Difficult. But by God's grace, Romans 8:28 will prevail..........(still though....stupid school).

Anyways, I spoke too soon yesterday about the gas prices. I saw 101.9¢ /litre today. I wonder what the new average will be?
Will the prices continue to fall?

Will they be like a chicken thrown off the edge of a building, clucking and fluttering helplessy to the ground in a tiny small cloud of feathers? hehehhe chickens....heeeheeeheee........delicious.

Seacrest out!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Gas prices et la procrastination

On my way to church yesterday, it was interesting to see gas prices were “down” to about 103.4 ¢/litre. And this afternoon I saw most gas stations were around that same price (or lower). It’d been above 108¢ for what over a week and a half? or longer than that? I know that going back to early September it was above 118¢, in mid-August 110¢ and waaaaay back in April, 105¢/litre. Yeah….I actually kept track of these things. Why? I don’t know…it’s just interesting, gauging the economy and blah blah blah…I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Wait, something I do know…in February of this year, the CDN dollar was worth around 83¢ American. Last week it was over 85¢. And now, it’s around 84¢. Heaps better than where it was in 2001. And staying semi-strong.

Why I am talking about gas prices and exchange rates? My title says it all. C’est la procrastination. I have a PHIL test in less than 24 hours. I should start to study….but hmmmm……you know what? I find that whenever I make a blog entry, it’s really hard to think up a title. That’s why you’ll notice most of them are dumb.

Ok I should study. Seriously. Is the word spelled “ok,” “O.K.” or “Okay?”
In other news, I bowled a 148 game with 2 strikes in the tenth frame and other strikes/happenings throughout. A new Personal-Tim-Record!!!

Gaaaaahhhhhhh fine. I’ll go study.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

School est un drag

Its weird. Last night, (Wednesday night) I was all pumped and ready to start Thursday, because I don’t have classes on Friday. I was thinking how great it’d be because it would go fast and I wouldn’t need to do much.

And then this morning I got to phil class.
And my body took notes while my mind stopped functioning.
And I didn’t understand what was being taught.
And then I had to prepare for the Bible study later in the day.
And then I went to my econ tutorial…..had no clue what was happening when trying to answer questions.

And then I went to Bible study.
And then I had to go to the 2 hour econ lecture.
And I zoned out.
And I told myself to stay awake and take good notes.
And I fell asleep.
A few times.

And then when class ended I was kinda happy, but kinda in a daze…..because I was thinking – school is sooo hard and difficult.
And then I thought (perhaps this is a revelation)– maybe it wouldn’t be so hard and difficult if I actually paid attention.
Sigh. End of week 6 only?!?!?!.......siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh…………snooooooooooore……….

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We all Want

It’s difficult to watch/read the news with stuff happening in the world like bombings, floods, earthquakes, rising oil prices, on going teacher’s strikes (my goodness they clutter the sidewalk), health care etc. A lot of this is mainly because of everyone’s own tendency to be selfish and look out for their self. In my ol’ ECON 103 text book (ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES: Seven Ideas for Thinking...About Almost Anything by Douglas W. Allen….I think some people shuddered after reading that...tough course) it’s really true that everyone has insatiable wants. For myself now I want a car to drive, decent looking hair, a video iPod (those things are cool), new socks, hot buttered popcorn, an LCD monitor….the list goes on. And it’s the same for all of us. Don’t deny it.

There’s a verse I want to try to put into practice. I was reading Day 17 of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and the verse 1 John 3:16 popped out at me: “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.” (NIV) – and for our sisters. I’m thinking minimalistic here, but what would life be like, if everyone just did only one unselfish act everyday?

on a side note, I noticed on a Translink bus today, after the sign flashed the bus number and destination, it then flashed “Go Canucks Go.” It’s nice to have hockey again.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cell Phone Musing and semi-update

I'm not sure how long they've had it (I'm sure its pretty recent), but President's Choice (you know, that brand Superstore and etc. is famous for?) now offers "PC Mobile" - another pay-as-you-go cell phone thingy.
They're using Bell's coverage.

I think the cell phone wars are finally starting to pick up, finally, in Canada. When I was going to get my first cell (just a few months ago actually...I know, that's how "hip" and "with it" I am) I'd constantly look at plans and pricings and stuff and watching American channels on TV would make me a little frustrated cause the competition is more fierce so the rates are a lot cheaper down there! I want to save $$$.

So anyways, I'm with Virgin Mobile now and I'm pretty happy with it. I'd say it's one of the, if not the, all round cheapest pay-as-you-go cell phone plan thingmajigs (just for saying that, Virgin Mobile gave me $1000!!! just kidding. i wish though). My number is 911 (<== blatant sarcasm) in case you want to give me a ring (ha! as if i'll pick up, I mainly use it as a pager).

Oh yeah, you'll probably notice the "ads" to the right of the main page of this site. I think they look nice. Spider-Man and Squirrel Fishing are cool (un-proper grammar everywhere.....).

And finally, Happy Tommorow Thanksgiving! Have fun spending time with family/friends and remember to thank God for all the abundance of stuff there is that's been provided. It comes from somewhere you know.

"wow, Tim sure likes using parentheses"

Thursday, October 06, 2005

General news (aka blah blah) and Site Update (Squirrel Fishing)

Whew…I meant to post some stuff the past couple days, but I was really busy with school. And I weighed it out in my head….should I study? Or procrastinate by posting a post? And I thought, hmmmm I’m not being a very good steward of my time….so decided not to procrastinate. And I studied instead. Maybe I’m changing and becoming a better person with better habits……(hah).

Ok in the news: - in case you’ve been under a rock for the past year, les Canuckleheads played their season opener against the Phoenix-coached team by Mr. Wayne Gretzky and won.
- its possible (I guess for some quite time now…I’m still new to the cell phone world) to subscribe and receive text messaged Bible verses on your cell phone
- and BC teachers are planning to go on strike. booo unions. boo money. boo government. boo world.

I had two midterms yesterday. Thank God its over and I was given the strength to study/complete them. Now I’ll just pray that I did well….8^D…..9 weeks of school left…..
Be warned, taking a shower doesn’t always have good outcomes. Somehow I got soap in my mouth today, and I may have swallowed it. And I got water in my ear which clogged it up for a while. I’m tired.

Regarding to the site, the other SQUIRREL FISHING VIDEOS are up and are here. And I updated the gigantism links page which now includes: zerodollarhomepage, beedogs, yousendit, and the lovely catsinsinks.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Canucks Conspiracy Theory and Squirrel Fishing

Technically, its not really a conspiracy theory, but it’s a theory. “Conspiracy” just makes it seem better than say, a dumb scientic theory. Anyways… the Canucks have Richard Park. Seemed like a normal acquisition right? Wrong! There are many Koreans in the Lower Mainland. And I’m pretty sure the Canucks management knows that. But, not many Koreans are big fans of hockey. However, once Koreans start to hear there’s a Korean guy on the Vancouver team, chances are they’ll probably start to watch. And that will mean big $$$ for the Canucks. This may seem obvious too but, anyone wearing Park’s Canuck jersey to GM Place will probably be Korean. In conclusion, Richard Park = Canucks money maker (but so far, he’s just been playing good so that’s even better than $$$).

Enough of my crazy thoughts. I went squirrel fishing this morning!!! I’ll post some other videos in the future, but for now, here’s something cute until I put those up.