Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Surprisingly busy, though not many things due. Now its just life in general to deal with.
That doesn't make much sense. I'm not even going to bother. Because I'm not sure I understand myself. And now I make no sense. Poor nonsensical grammar fills the screen.

An old man (with an earing!!!) sat beside me on the bus today. He reeked of cigarette smoke. I noticed he was doing a sudoku puzzle. I didn't care. You know why? Because I did one yesterday! And it took me 16 minutes! Ho ho ho haaaa! Isn't it beautiful? Yeah yeah I know...."Very Easy"....shut up.......I'm going to go cry now. Boo hoo!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sinking ferry and Suicide seeds

I had a 10 page (le double epacĂ©) paper due Tuesday. Today being Wednesday, it means I’ve finished the essay, and it’s out of the way (though I only had about 6.5 pages… ahahahee hehe…eh..hehe ..heeee... [continues nervous laughing]). Now I have a 4 pager for Friday. Should be oodles of joy!

This morning, soon after waking up, I’d heard the news that a BC Ferry had sunk. Wow. My jaw dropped. I’m still a little floored by this. I was on a BC Ferry a month ago and while boarding, I remember walking around the inner deck (whatever its called) and I saw an employee doing a pre-trip preparation thingy by counting out life jackets at a muster station. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be funny if I went up to the guy and asked him to save me one, as a stupid tim-joke. You never think this kind of think will happen, and then BAM, Murphy’s Law kicks in for the Queen of the North ferry, today. Makes me take a step back to think.
Oh yeah, funny thing on the news (not “haha funny” but “interesting” funny), the reporter said something about luck saving all (except 2?) of the passengers safely. So much for Providence.

In my POL 100 class, the TA likes to write words that relate to current events on the chalkboard that we have to guess/discuss in tutorial, and one of them yesterday was “suicide seeds.” Basically, they are genetically modified seeds that after being planted will die after one usage. So that when it’s harvest time, there’s no new seeds to get that can be used for the next planting season. That means the farmer has to go and buy new suicide seeds from a company, each time they’re done planting/harvesting. Something about this just screams evil. Why? For one thing, they’re genetically modified. Uh, not a good idea to try and upstage God. And another, the business in charge is trying to take away the livelihood of the farmer. There’s so many other negativities, I don’t know what else to say. Most of it has already been voiced somewhere. When I get time, I’m going to visit PercySchmeiser.com and read more about this.

Time for a sigh.
I saw gas for 106.6¢/litre yesterday. Why’s it so high all of a sudden?!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pretty meaningless post…handwashing? fortune cookie?

Still busy. Still working on the whole time management thing. La dee da.
You know, it’s funny, I was thinking a while ago, it feels like I’m getting more sleep now, as I’m in uni, than I did while in high school. I haven’t pulled many all-nighters (but I might pull a few next week, whoopee) but I remember staying up late to finish junk quite semi-frequently in HS. Maybe it’s because my classes start later too. Hmm.

Recently, I’ve had to visit the library (WAC Bennett of course........hahaha! whack Ben! o dear that wasn't funny at all) a number of times to do research and other boring etc etc. And while there, I usually check my email on a computer and try to start doing work. But whenever I’m done, I always feel so dirty…so contaminated. The library computers are used by who-knows-how-many people each day and I try not to imagine what people have or haven’t touched, prior to coming to the library. I almost feel renewed after I wash my hands, getting rid of that sticky, oily, grimy feeling from my palms and fingers.

And you know what? I’m grateful for public bathrooms with free cleaning soap agents.
And hot water.
And an apparatus to dry your hands with.
So fresh and clean!

Before I end this pretty meaningless post, just for fun, I was at an average Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago, and we all got a fortune cookie at the end of the meal. And wow, aren’t I special, I found FOUR “fortunes” in mine. Below is the pic of what I found in my cookie. The last one made me laugh. Ha, if that were true…I’d probably be acing 254. Stupid accounting….grrr.

This Just In: the Terriblelands is ranked first on Google for "squirrel fishing video" and "Squirrel fishing videos" heeheeeheee.

Edit: April 11, 2006 - no longer have this ranking. boo.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Busy busy busy and Tag Four Clap

So I’ve been busy the past few weeks and will be busier in the coming weeks, probably until about the end of the month. Also, especially recently I haven’t been using my time efficiently and so I’ve got to work on that. I’m very easily distracted. And I have trouble concentrating when I study. Sigh.

Snowed a bit yesterday, and more today (melted already…snow/rain on and off) and more tommorow maybe.
Appparently I was tagged by Jesslyn and Bernice quite a while ago. So here’s my reponse (as if anyone cares)
Four jobs I’ve ever had in my life:
-general labourer for school/church/family etc
-stalker. I mean stocker.
-tutor (pffff)
-couch potato

Four movies I can watch over and over:
-I like to watch movies
-a lot
-but not over and over
-cause then I’d get bored of it

Four TV shows I love to watch:
-Amazing Race
-Everybody Loves Raymond (grrr, no more NowTV)
-King of Queens
-I like to watch a lot of TV too
-so I’ll stop here

Four places I have lived:
-Canada (various places)
-that’s it

Four places I have been on vacation:

Four websites I visit daily:
- mail.yahoo.ca
- cockeyed.com
- bigwhiteguy.com
- sitemeter.com
- google.ca

Four of my favourite foods:
- I like food
- right now, I like donair.
- I crave a big smokey with relish
- I like more food

Four places I would rather be right now:
-various roller coasters
-comfy bed with pillows
-the Motherland (aka China)

Four people I am tagging:
- Ray Romano
- Sinbad
- Dat Phan
- Russel Peters

You’ve probably noticed a bunch of those categories have either more than 4 or less than 4 things. Fohgeevuhness pulease.

Seemed like gas was relatively “stable” 3 weeks ago. I noticed that it didn’t go higher than 94, and it didn’t get less than 89. Then I saw 88.4¢/litre on March 2. And today I saw 99 point something ¢.