Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bird Man Bun

I used to have long hair, but then I cut it.... but now I've grown it out again!

To keep it out of my face and more or less out of the way, I like to tie it up into a folded ponytail, resembling a traditional Japanese topknot (aka "samurai" hair), but because of where it's positioned on my head everyone else calls its a man bun.  Whatever.

While walking through a hallway at work two days ago, I passed by a lady who I'd seen once or twice before (and she'd seen me), but we have no clue who each other is.  Because it's a very looooong narrow hall, we saw each other from afar off first (perhaps 20m).  We kept walking towards each other to pass and just when we were about to go by each other, I remembered social norms and that I should make eye contact and smile politely.  However while doing so she suddenly says, "Oh! From far away I thought you had a bird on your head!" while staring at my hair, but not breaking her stride.

I slowed down, nearly to a stop with a somewhat stunned reaction on my face:


She didn't say, "good day" or "hello," or even a simple, "hi."  Instead, some random lady who I don't even know decides to just randomly tell me she thought I had some sort of feathered creature on my head, as we pass by each other, indoors in a secure office building.

O_O sigh

But then again when my man bun partially unravels and if you squint a little.....


Wait a second....