Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pointless Post #99 - Happy New Year edition

While defogging the car this evening, I saw weird lines on my windshield.  It looked like someone was drawing large letters perpendicular to a normal viewpoint AND I was reading it backwards......oh wait now I could see it. Some dumb kid wrote the F-word across the glass when it was frosty earlier in the day.

Classless brat.

I think I used about 10 squirts of wiper fluid and there was still oily residue from his fingers left behind on the windshield causing reflective glare from oncoming headlights.  I washed it off with a squeegee at a gas station.  Happy new year to me.

2015 is right around the corner. Just bring it suckah. God is on my side, right?

Gas still going down....I've seen it as low as 103.9 a few weeks ago. I filled up at 108.9 today, but I saw 105.9¢/litre.Awww yea.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Pointless Post #98 - Priorities Edition

I bought myself a bag of chips on Saturday, fully intending to eat it during the weekend, but then I was hit with food poisoning on Sunday (the last thing I remembered was eating half a sub and a cookie) and since then it's been miniscule smatterings of "meals," water, and uncontrollable and excessive visits to the washroom.  Yesterday's 4am wakeup call was rough. Ugh.

For the most part, my thoughts have been predominated by making sure I'm not behind at work, recovering, staying warm (so many chills!), and whether or not I'll be able to keep food/liquids inside of me, but a good chunk of my thoughts of me wanting my body to return to 100% is so that I'll be healthy enough to eat that bag of chips. That crunch, that texture, that crisp, burst of salty goodness once it hits the tongue and delicious aroma of fried potato that envelopes my senses. Mmmmm.

Oh man, I love chips.  I miss you so much...

OPEC hates Russia so gas prices are going down and now it's at 117.9¢/litre. Wooo!