Sunday, July 23, 2006

[Sudoku.WJD = stupid news] & Weather.War

Do Friday' sudoku in 24 Hours. Monday is easiest. Friday is hardest. I got hardest! 

In less than hour! But I thought I mistake in center square near end. I frustrate. I scribble on sudoku. One minute later, I realize. I finish it properly. Satisfying.

Do sudoku in Metro's daily. Many many many times. Many many times I do under 13 minutes. Many many many times Metros says I am "Genius." 

What does "Genius" mean, hmm Metro?! They will hear from me. Probably later. After I procrastinate.

Signed up for World Jump Day. World Jump Day was July 20, 2006, 11:39 GMT. Or four AM pacific. I slept. It was not worth it. But I jumped yesterday.
Weather, hot. Fourteen day trend of Vancouver (taken from Network du Weather site).

Yellow means now, white means average. Caramba.
Middle East still bombings. People take sides. People condemn. People die. People run. People pray.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Warning to all Teeth

This little thingy appeared on our kitchen table a few days ago. I didn't know where it came from. One day I just saw it lying on the table, smiling at me. It appears to be a little rubber tooth (molar) that I suppose is to be placed on top of a pen or pencil. A little novelty item for kids I guess. In my mind, I call it Toothy. Toothy the tooth.

If it were real and life size, I'd love to punch it. Take that silly little grin off Toothy's face. What is he (or she?) smiling at? Does he or...wait French-English dictionary says tooth is feminine (la dent) but it doesn't really look female ...let's not go there. Where was I....? Oh yeah, what kind of smile is that anyway? What would you do if some nut on the street started to smile at you like that? And those eyes! Yeah, Toothy's just asking for it now. Pow! Biff! Smack! Zock! Try and intimidate will you, eh?!Let that be a lesson to all you other Toothys! Try to take over my kitchen table parent's kitchen table and you'll deal with me!
Gas up to 119.4¢/litre today.
Remember to pray for the nation of Israel.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Tim: Waah! My toe hurts! I want some ice cream! I have a 5 page double spaced essay due tomorrow! Wah, wah waaaah!

Millions of people around the world: Someone stole the tin roof of our small shanty. I need medicine for my terminally ill children. I need food for my family to survive one more day....

Tim: [shuts up]

If you haven't visited the gigantism links page, then you may have not seen this:
Saw gas was up to 118.9¢/litre today.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The village is one hundred and thirty nine

Subtract 1867 from 2006 and the "village," ==> kanata ==> or Canada is 139 years old, today. Sort of.
Anyways, the way I see it, the government owes me 139 years of birthday cake. Plus interest.
Have a Merry Dominion of Canada Day!