Thursday, September 09, 2010

Four Wisdom Teeth Cut Out

I had all of my wisdom teeth taken out this morning in an oral surgery. They were impacted (I believe that means they were growing into my other molars) and were all still underneath my gums still. So the oral surgeon cut them out.

To be honest, I was A LOT more nervous for my Class 5 road test than this. I sat in the chair, the anesthesiologist came in and poked my arm with a needle, said he'd pump me full of something, I'd taste something bad in my mouth, and then be knocked out in about 15 seconds. I asked him if it was going to be exactly 15 seconds. He said more or less. I started to get a weird taste in the back of my throat and I think I started to gag. And then I woke up about 45 min later (or less?), not remembering anything, but feeling very, very drowsy/weak. It's a very trippy experience to be sedated! Phew!

My biggest concern about getting my wisdom teeth removed was about my recovery and being able to eat (because I am a selfish glutton). When my sister had her wisdom teeth removed, she wasn't able to stand up after the surgery and then she got high on the Tylenol 3's. She does not remember taking our dog into her car and taking him for a drive. Very scary, and somewhat hilarious stuff. God was merciful then.

And He's been very merciful to me too! I was completely conscious and aware of everything right after the surgery and still am. I don't have a lot of pain, other than a dull soreness at the back of my mouth and throat. Swallowing is a little problematic, but I have very little swelling. I watched Jana and Jill Duggar get their wisdom teeth removed a few months ago on 19 Kids and Counting, and I thought my cheeks would balloon and go chipmunk like they did. I think I just look I've been eating too much for the past week. See bottom for pictures.

[WARNING: potentially gross paragraph ahead!]

I asked for my wisdom teeth and they put two of them in a little container for me. I think the other two teeth were removed in pieces so they just chucked them. They were a lot more bloody and had little pink globs of flesh(?) stuck to them, which I guess must have been my bits of my gum they hacked out of my mouth. I tried to wash them and remove it as best as I could. It reminded me of uncooked chicken. And I really hoped they were my teeth I was washing and not someone else's they randomly gave to me. What do I know? I was sedated! I don't know why my mind likes to over think stupid things like this. And no, I will not try to see if they fit in my mouth to determine if they are actually my wisdom teeth or not. I know some silly goose is thinking about that now. You fruit.

So yay, I'm on mush foods and have limited mouth movement. I wonder how people in developing countries cope. They probably just never have their teeth checked out, have complications, get infections, and suffer a lot/die early. I am such a pansy.

Why is God so merciful to me?

And now to end this post, a trio of Tims for my own amusement, and now yours. I know, I need a haircut. Maybe I should end every post I write with a picture of a trio of Tims. Nooo, that would just be narcissisticly creepy.

12am - just ate Korean noodles and ice cream. The last time I can eat solid food and I'm content.
12pm - surgery just finished less than an hour ago... I'm alert, but still under effects of anesthesia. Also, there is gauze in my mouth.
6pm - haha look at how more swollen 12pm Tim's face and crazy his eyes were! I'm hungry now. Also, my hair still sucks.


Jill said...

I was awake (i.e. local anaesthetic only) when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. My dentist was like, "Do you want to watch?" I opted out. I have to say, I'm surprised you weren't more chipmunk-like at 6pm!

Unknown said...

I remember when Joyce had her teeth taken out. She was tripped out for sure, but had one heck of an appetite! Who eats baby food, apple sauce, and Ensure in one sitting? Good thing she sent me out to do more shopping, otherwise who knows what level if ``irritable`` she would have gone to... Hope you are feeling well! Don't forget to gargle your salt water (do dentists still recommend that these days?)

- Paige

Tim said...

i think thats the most chipmunked i got. i hardly swelled up at all. and i still have a lot of painkiller medication left over, it was mostly sore.

hehehe hey paige, i ate a lot of crackers, pudding and yogurt. i was back on solid food by about day 3 i think, i just ate very slowly......took me an hour to eat a can of chunky soup.
and yes they recommended to do a salt water rinse 5-6 times a day.

Bernice said...

awww they never let me keep mine... although I'm pretty sure all 4 of mine were taken out in chunks and not pretty whole teeth like your two