Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ICBC Waving Commercial

Do you live in BC? Have you seen these ads? If not, here you go:

Did you like it? Well, you should because this is a good commercial.

The actors are likeable.
It's very clear, concise, and ends humouristically. Humourly? It ends on a funny note.
Murray's Lunch!
It's memorably distinct.

And finally, it's very relevant. I've only been driving for a few years, but even I've noticed that driving around Vancouver seems to be getting worse. When I'm on the highway, I'm frequently tailgated and cut off, and the number of times people turn/change lanes without signalling is beyond counting. And it pisses me off.

But last week, something fantastic happened. I allowed someone to merge (I slowed down, he sped up; there was plenty of room to do so even before we changed speeds) and I received a thank you wave. A very pronounced, flat-palmed, fingers-spread, hand-in-the-air, visible-through-the-rear-windshield, right hand wave. I was taken aback because I literally cannot remember the last time I received a thank you wave. And then I started cackling like a lunatic because I remembered the ICBC commercial, and I waved a thank-you-for-the-thank-you (er... I guess that would be a "you're welcome") wave back, as I continued to chuckle.

Yesterday, some pedestrians waved at me as I slowed to a stop at a crosswalk. I waved back.

It felt great. And I want more.


It's almost as good as the release of endocannabinoids when I eat potato chips.
Almost, but not quite.

Anywho, in some recent Tim-news, after 8.5 months, I finally got a haircut! Actually, it was meant to be a trim, but the guy cut so much off! I'm still a little bummed by how much he took off the back of my head. My goal of having a ponytail is still there, but it looks like it'll take another few months before that's realized. I'll take solace in the fact that when I got home, my parents looked at me and said, "What happened? We thought you were going to go get your hair cut today."

And finally, I'm going to Ontario for Ted and Heidi's wedding. I should really figure out how I'm going to get there...