Sunday, December 30, 2007

One of the most beautiful sounds in the world

So I'm in Edmonton, at the C4C Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con. Hehehe, sorry, that reference always cracks me up. Actually its wintercon (Winter Conference). Anyways, picture this: it's Sunday night, you're in a room with 300-400 twenty-something year old university students from across western Canada. The worship band's leader at the front of the room says you can stay, or you're free to leave. What happens? The students stay. On their own will. And they sing songs that speak of how amazing Jesus is, who is God. The voices sing in unison. The band stops playing their instruments for one verse/chorus, and its just acapella, of about 300-400 people singing to God. It was great.

And then some of the most beautiful sights I see: whereas other 20-something year olds would be off in a bar, or doing crazy/possibly irresponsible things with their friends, I see in front of me, young men with their hands on each other's shoulders, praying for each other. I see varying numbers of groups, men and women, crying out to God, near tears with passion. I don't think what I saw and heard can be faked. I don't believe it is "organized religion" because the things I saw can't be organized. I sat in my chair and just observed my peers, my friends, my brothers and sisters. It's hard to describe but I just thought I'd attempt to share that.

And I guess that's it for 2007. I'll aim for more posts in 2008. Maybe.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I wonder what my life would be like...

I'm doing this in the interest of procrastination. Sigh. Updating my resumé and writing my co-op work term report is sooooo boring. And I'm sooooo tired, because I'm always tired (isn't that a nice cogent statement? [<-- dry wit])

Sooooo.... I wonder what my life would be like if:

-I drank coffee
-I was an F.O.B. (no, not a fob, but an eff-oh-bee)
-I was more than 7 feet tall
-I smiled more
-I lived alone
-I had a gun
-I only ate kosher meat
-I grew a queue
-I could b-boy (popping is so cool!)
-I had a Scooty-Puff Sr.: The Doom Bringer (because the Scooty-Puff Jr. suuuucks.....)
-I was a world champion at something
-I wasn't indifferent
-I didn't procrastinate or waste time
-no one read this...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tim's Solution to Help Slow Global Warming...

...which may or may not be a myth.

I'm all for reducing, reusing, and recycling, but it's sort of annoying how in almost every single type of media thingy, they'll talk about climate change/climate impact or carbon emissions/carbon credits....

It's getting a bit band-wagony/commercialized.

For example, next week I'm going to introduce onto the market, my very own designer, reusable, eco-friendly, shopping bags, made from 100% recycled panda! I mean plastic!

.....that's creepy.

Ok, so now onto my plan to slow global warming:

Houses/living spaces use up a lot of energy (I think) to heat up the occupants inside. Solution? Get rid of all furnaces and electric heaters and stop spaying/neutering all dogs. Let them breed. Then every house should have a minimum of 20 dogs. My theory revolves around the fact that dogs are warm (and cute!) and give off warmth, so if there's 20 dogs running around your house, you won't need a heater anymore! It's as simple as that! The costs you save on heating, you can use to take care of the dogs. Aren't I genius? Take that Al Gore.

Disclaimer: I'm probably wrong. But if I'm right, BAM!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Thank God it's Wednesday! Because it's two days from Saturday, my sleep-in day! Aaaah sleep.

At approximately 2:30pm today, there was a spectacular, beautiful (the kind of beautiful where you have to stare for a few seconds and then whisper to yourself, "That is beautiful..." kind of beautiful) rainbow in the sky. Actually, it was a double rainbow, but the first one was what had me standing out in the rain for a good 30 seconds to stare at it. Came back inside, then had to go back out into the rain to stare at it some more. I'm pretty sure it was a full arc, but I couldn't see the end side because some buildings were in the way. Wow, it was so vibrant against the grey clouded sky. Idiot idiot idiot for not having my camera with me. Idiot.

It's been a while since I've posted stuff. I'm just so unmotivated. I have a bunch of things I want to post/upload but I just don't make myself do them (more idiot....).

Anyways, here’s a picture of a rainbow from September 22, 2007. Pretty “lame” in comparison to the one I saw today. Ooooh I just got goosebumps thinking about today's rainbow. Sigh.

Note to self: Matthew 7:1-5, Romans 12:9-21. Wake up Tim. Are you real?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Things from the top of my head

Currently, I am in a super, fantastic, happy mood. I don't know why. I'm thinking my dinner was laced with LSD, but its unlikely. Maybe I'm realizing the joy of the Lord tonight.
Today's Office episode, entitled "Branch Wars" is one, possibly, the best Office I've seen. I laughed a lot. Out loud. I even giggled.
Our next door neighbour is such a sweet old lady. She's really old and always calling me over to get her newspaper for her (long drive way) or open a jar of something. And then she'll give me a treat like cookies or juice and in her own words, "Something for your Bow-Wow." She always has leftovers from her meals to give to our dog.
King of Queens is soooo funny. This tiny bit of dialogue had me laughing out loud:

Doug: (walking in to Arthur in the kitchen) Hey Arthur, what did you do today?
Arthur: Oh, I had a busy day: Long story short, the shag carpet's all the same length...

CKNW New Club (type in "tsbutton" in the referred section if you want to join 8^D)
I was hoping to win a Wii..... 2500 points per entry for the draw for the Wii.... 130 entries later.... I didn't win a Wii. Poo. But, see top "point" of this post.
I wore really thick/long socks yesterday. My feet were amazingly warm! Although, I got some static shocks from certain door handles that I haven't felt before....
Mark Driscoll is a very gifted speaker/teacher. He doesn't always give a lot of Scripture references for everything he talks about, but he manages to balance it out by explaning biblical things in a relevant manner, which is pretty great in itself. You'd understand more if you listened yourself, which you should.
There's so much dog hair in my bed. The dog sleeps in my bed so much more than I do. The little spoiled fart.
You should really go do something productive now.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Thursday...

I went to a mailbox to mail some things and I crunched some dry leaves on the ground. Then while at the bus stop, I crunched a few more leaves on the sidewalk. They were reasonably crunchy.

One minute of your life you're never going to get back....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tomorrow's weather forecast...

As if today wasn't wet (Vancouvery) enough, due to some boost from tropical storm LingLing(?) from the Pacific, there have been warnings for high winds and heavy rain.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Pictures of the past week

Here's a 4000 word post, in pictures (because I'm still lazy, unmotivated, and now also emotionally tired... whatever that means):
A distant relative came over to our house, and he decided to make an apple pie, from scratch. It was beautiful, and it tasted like beautiful as well.
The remains of a phone book, that I ripped in half with my super-hero strength.

The dog threw up. And this is what he looked like about 7 minutes later.
Got a fortune cookie with two "fortunes" inside. Oh the irony, because I read the first one, and then the second and I thought, "That's cool." Although its been about four days and I still haven't found anything that I've lost long ago....

Now, you go be productive... somewhere else....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Unmotivated Tim = A post of just links

Soooooooo........ I updated the Gigantigismic links page!
Perhaps I'll try to put some stuff during the long weekend, but don't count on it. I'll try though. Maybe.
If you subscribe to my feed, you'll be able to know...

Here's what's new: because Jesus Christ is alive fascinating giz news. aka tech news, aka geek news, sort of (frequently updated) Our Daily Bread. Thanks God! biking rules/safety etc in BC - very informative and useful. very. brilliant. people do stuff, document it, then post instructions for you to follow a guy made a pool heater - 112 mirrors reflecting 112 patches of light onto one spot "entertainment for the curious mind" the coke/mentos people this guy does cool (dangerous?) things and video teaches it to you dwight lyman moody's sermons BAM! the book one "Nuclear War Survival Skills" i'll read this someday pictures that will melt your heart want to microwave weird stuff and watch it? this is it its an idea to have cars powered by horses. yeah. i haven't even bothered to take a good look

Happy Friday Everyone!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hurrah for Fall!

Reasons I Hurrah for Fall:

1. The weather is colder ==> bugs will all die soon
2. Get one more hour of sleep on a blessed Saturday!
3. Really cool TV shows back, plus some new ones.

Things I've seen/noticed (not necessarily because it's Fall):

1. I can feel and see the weather getting colder in my hands.
2. Dead skunk, run over on the street. Looked pitiful/disgusting.
3. The next day, a dead cat on the street, looking pitiful/scary (eyes were still open)
4. Me very sore/tired from too much exertion of energy (eg. floor hockey/random jumping, phew!)
5. Me very lazy/unmotivated to get things done, because of above point.
6. Mark Driscoll on
Ephesians - is like God speaking directly at me!

This is a really lousy post that doesn't make 100% sense......

But on the topic of making sense.....did I not see this coming?!?!
Google laying its on fiber optic cable across the ocean?!?! No way!!!

my theory on Google is correct, what does this mean for humanity then? What next- pigs flying?! Hehehe, that would actually be kinda cute, if it was one of those small fat potbelly pigs...

Mmmmm.....bacon. Wow I could really go for a good burger right now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm sort of speechless after watching this

I think this is a great representation of what God is like, and what Jesus has done for you. You may not know it, you may not agree, but if it's true, then it's amazing. And that is why I'm sort of at a loss for words. Gives me chills.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labour Day! + PNE pics

According to logic and reason (well, mine anyway) there should be Labour Day Greeting Cards. Father's Day and Mother's Day aren't holidays, but they have greeting cards. The same with Valentine's Day. Yet, Labour Day is officially recognized as a statutory holiday or as an old co-worker of mine said, "A day where you get paid time and a half" but people don't wish each other "Happy Labour Day!" with greeting cards or hold Labour Day Banquets!

Actually, this is probably a good thing, because then according to my logic, greeting card companies would also need to have cards for Remembrance Day, Victoria Day, BC Day....etc. Then more trees would die (that's a bad thing... I'm really into recycling paper) and yeah.... I think I've proclaimed my hate for Christmas cards a long time ago. Meh. Besides, who in their right mind (maybe in their left, *rimshot*) would want to wish someone a "Happy Victoria Day?!" would probably be really fitting if someone's name was Victoria though. I don't know anyone with that name, which is why it's only occurred to me now. This is a really stupid topic. I can't believe you're reading this crap.

Okay, back to Labour Day! For the first time in 15 (16?) years, I'm not going to school, the day after Labour Day! This is the new thing I mentioned here. I'm working full-time; it's a co-op job. So it's actually directly related to school, but I'm not going to school itself. Although I do learn things at work... Meh this is beginning to be a boring topic too...

Today is (was?) the last day of the (*drumroll*) PNE! I went last weekend, and so I think it's fitting if I put some pictures up.
Running, backflip through spinning hoops...

...and a beautiful landing!

I estimate this girl was balancing all those cups on her face for a good 15-20 minutes during her act.

Crazy! (crazy good)
The crowd is in awe.
What could be on top of these 4 glass bottles?
....just 10 chairs and a girls doing gymnastics, that's all.

More crazy! (crazy good;skill)

This picture does not do justice of this act. It was really amazing.

BAM! And that's how they do it!
Those were the "Peking Acrobats" (grrr Wade-Giles, my butt!). That was pretty much the only thing I wanted to see at this year's PNE. Not interested in the rides, any other shows, market place, etc. They were so captivating.... partly because I'm guessing they were my age, or younger. Sigh... I have an idea how they grew up, probably in a school since they were young, being trained for (insert crazy high number) hours a day, away from their family all the time... China is rough on its people (understatement, of course).
BUT, I saw and did some other things after the show.
This is a horse's butt.
This is where my 2% milk will come from... or lunch.
Me, pretending to eat the chickens... behind the fencing... use your imagination.
Pigs' butts.
Prizes you could win, after spending $83 on the fair's games.
So many people! It was like a river of people!

Me, pretending to eat a delicious elderly couple. Mmmmm.... old people....
My absolutely scrumptious, $5.00 footlong hotdog! That's ~$0.42 per inch.

Oh my goodness, the bathrooms are on fire (were they bathrooms? I'm guessing cause of the guy/girl persons symbol on the banner)!
....just kidding. It's just a ton of meat being barbecued in the back.

And last thing before this post is over, I rode a STRIDA today.... It was great.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Literally random thoughts and things I've noticed...

...which have passed through my mind and are now available free of charge on the internet for your time-wasting pleasure.
  • Raisin is a funny word (and "fruit"). Raisin, raisin, raisin. Heeheehee!
  • Bicycles are amazing
  • There is a law firm in Nanaimo aptly named "Murphy's Law?" Hmmm.
  • Windows Vista = stupid, STUPID problems
  • I saw the Hamburglar and his head was huge
  • Memorizing the number of stairs in a staircase is handy when walking up/down them in the dark
  • Miscounting the number of stairs while walking up/down them in the dark is not pleasant
  • Gravity always wins, sigh
  • Throwing/spinning a CD high, straight up into the air and trying to catch it, is fun
  • Pens and tshirts (especially white ones) do not mix well
  • When I hold my hands close to the very top of my head, I feel heat emanating (how's that for a word of the day?)
  • Chickadees are very cute
  • Overcast/sky-all-grey-cloudy weather = Beautiful/near-perfect weather
  • Telephones make me irritable
  • Using a urinal and then having your cellphone go off while it is in your pants pocket can be a frightening experience

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

RSS Feeds Are On and strange banana toy...

Due to a 100% rise in demand for automated Feeds, they have been turned on!
If you don't know what Feeds are, in my mind, they're like a subscription thing. And whenever there's a new post or something, your internet browser will tell you. At least, I think that's how it works. I've only doven (dived?) into Feeds about last week. They're handy. Look for a little orangey icon somewhere on your browser.
If not, click here to subscribe.

And now, my wonderings about this toy:

This is a small little plush toy of a character from Bananas in Pyjamas/Pajamas, a children's TV show. This toy belonged (actually, I'm pretty sure he still has it) to a person I know...

Apparently, he used to dress it up in all sorts of different little dolly clothes.
I don't know why, but this toy makes me laugh, but also make me think that this toy is very wrong for kids to have. I'm not sure why. When I have kids, I'd rather let them play with guns than this.... *shrugs*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kelloggs Mini-Wheats Commercial

It seems to be a trend that I blog about TV commercials.... I wonder why (seriously, I wonder why?)? Probably just a good sign from God since I have an intended concentration in marketing. Up yours accounting/finance/other concentrations that have math in them!

So, assuming you've seen the above commercial, you must agree, that this commercial is awesome. Most importantly, it's because of the kick-buttocks jingle. The TV commercial jingle needs a severe come back because it's so effective! I still remember the KitKat commercial jingle, you know the one, " Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that KitKat bar..." Now that's effective advertising.

The next reason I think this is so great, is because (in no particular order) it's cute (its a piece of cereal singing and dancing! It's smiling at me!), it's informative, it's colourful, it's a jingle, and it captures my attention. Not only that, but I want to see it again and again.

I almost want to learn the song too, but that would be pointless because I don't see myself in the future eating these things. I have had them in the past, except the bummer part of this cereal is that you can only effectively enjoy this cereal with one square on your spoon at a time (sure, you can do two, but then you have to open your mouth wider than normal). I prefer my cereal in bite-sized portions, but I prefer my spoon to be making that decision for me as I dip into the bowl, not eating pre-manufactured bite-sized squares. Actually, that's a pretty crappy and non-valid reason. I just like other cereal's better. The one's that have more sugar.

In other news, my U-pass finally came today. Cha-choooooom! I was so happy, I did a jig! Ok, that's a lie. But if I did do a jig, it would have been funny."

".....taste so good, good, good!"


Saw gas for 99.9 ¢/litre two weeks ago. Now its 108ish i think?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Right or Left

I looked at the clock last night; it read 9:46pm. I was feeling a bit grumpy/groggy because I was feeling tired...and I thought, (not joking here), "It's getting late... I should go to bed soon..."

Never....(I think) have I ever thought, that I would think those thoughts (because I'm normally a night owl)... especially during the summer the middle of August.
Its cause of new things in my life, praise God. I'll talk more about it in the future when I have more time.

Just noticed this week that
Strida bikes are now available in Canada.

How long have they been available for?!?!?!? I never got an email from them saying they were (I signed up on their mailing list last year)!!!!! I..... really..... want one.... would make commuting so much easier.... less walking anyways.... But the cost has to be justified.

How long would this bicycle last me for? How difficult is it in a hilly place like Vancouver? How often would I have to check the brakes? What if it's raining? What if I can't lug it around and have to leave it somewhere (eg. classrooms)? What about safety on the roads? What about it being a target for thieves (cause it's so cool... and convenient!)?

But the cost.... eeergh....

I could get a junky cheap car, which would be far more convenient than this super expensive (and nifty!) bike. But that would mean insurance costs.... gas... tuneups.... possible replacement parts.... parking... lots of responsiblity...

And I'll have a U-Pass (oh man, I miss it so much.....~$25/month VS. $18 alone in 1-Zone ticket books) so then what good would a car do? Decisions. Or I could just do without both, which is the most likely thing to happen. I really want a Strida though.

Thoughts still mingle in my head, because it's so true- the short version is (I'll try to write the long version in the future) am I living for now, the temporary-now that passes in a literal instant? Or am I living for eternity, what matters and will last forever?

Which am I? I still sometimes think that I'm living for a dot, meaninglessness (eg. see above wishing for a Strida). When I read Bible verses, I usually ask myself have I actually done, or am I the person that it's talking about in there- actually following what God's Word is saying to me?
Do I really put forth all I have in my life for Him to use me? If one were to judge by my above paragraphs, then no. And I can't compare myself to other people. That's useless.

I watch the news, and I see tragedies in the local area, and natural disasters around the world. I think, I'm capable of doing something. What can I do? I'm so far away. I have my own issues to take care of too. But I can't get too comfortable in my life. That would be too easy. Have to think more. Pray more. Use my God-given common sense more. Oik...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer = Kill bugs

I don't really like summer. Let me clarify, I think the time of summer is great. The weather and temperature of summer is not so great. Reason being, bugs. And I don't like bugs. So then what happens? I get revenge.

Electrocute the bugs, (in this case an annoying-non-stop-buzzing housefly, usually they're moths or craneflies), then drown them in a pool of cool water!!! That's "a bug's life!" Hahaha, take that Disney, I mean.... stupid bugs!

I also don't like ants. Grrrrr ants. The are so fascinating to watch, I just don't like being around them too long. I'm going to end this now and go get something to drink. This was a really boring post. Sorry.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Cartoon Fun

I had a good laught at myself doing the Dragonball Z thing, and when I stumbled across this site, I thought, "I could use another laugh!" And so I made this (see above), and laughed again. Tell me that's not cool! (You have to click on the thingy that says "Create your Simpsons avatar")

Even though I watch a lot of TV, I'm glad life is not TV, because God made life so much more complex, interesting, and abundant! To be fair, 24 is complex and interesting, but it's not really abundant... ok going off topic. I was wondering/daydreaming today, about why some things are so simple to others, yet so difficult for the next person. For example, after taking my mandatory core accounting courses, I still have no idea what amortization is, yet the rest of the class knows AND understands what it is. Or maybe you've played with someone who isn't good at sports and you wonder, "It isn't that hard to kick a ball straight is it?"

God made everyone equal, but at the same time He made each unique, with special gifts and abilities. I think it'd be safe to expand on Ephesians 4:11, that He also gave some to be cooks, some to be artists, some to be athletes, some to be musicians, some to be engineers, etc. But what about some to be leaders?

Now, for the record, I'm just thinking out loud, none of my ideas are concrete. Sometimes, I think that not everyone can be a leader. But at the same time, sometimes I think that everyone has some capacity to lead. And sometimes it seems really evident that some people are born leaders. And sometimes people are trained to be a leader. I think that's so tough (um, not manly tough like "grrrr, I'm awesome", but tough as in difficult.... maybe that's a bad word choice....), to be a leader. But wow, what a bigger challenge to be a godly leader! The expectations and standards are high, but I guess that's nothing compared to the results. Aaaah Heaven!

Currently, I've been reading (very slowly) the book D.L. Moody on Spiritual Leadership by Steve Miller. It's pretty good, but wow, what a challenge. Giving your life to Jesus, and actually following Him... thats huge.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hat Perspiration

There was this one day on the missions trip that we were out and about. It was really hot, so I was wearing my baseball hat to keep the sun out of my eye. The hottest it got, I remember vividly on another day was 38°C! I got that information second hand, so I wonder if humidity was factored in or not.... or smog for that matter. Whew!

So.... on hot days, one usually sweats. I always sweat a lot. Anyways, The forehead part of my baseball hat, naturally started to absorb the sweat that was starting to drip down my face. Phew, it was really really hot! At the end of the day, I looked underneath the hat brim, and there was this light greenish/yellowish tinge that had a pattern that followed my sweat stain. And I could not figure out where this came from, or what happened. But, after coming back, I think about two weeks ago, I remembered, I was drinking this sports drink.... and it was lime flavoured. I had sweated out the drink! Hehehe....fascinating!

Why am I writing about this now? Well, according to the newscast, parts of the Lower Mainland today reached 37°C (parts of the Fraser Valley definitely got that high today). Our house thermometre right now reads 31°C but I know that's wrong because the stuffiness is similar to those hot days I experienced during OEX. Oh yeah, I wore my hat today too, and I noticed a gigantic sweat stain, and then I saw the greenish/yellowish stain from before. I'm going to go wash my hat now.

Random thought for the day: Life would be easier, if we had subtitles whenever we spoke. But that would mean, we'd all need advertisers or sponsors to pay for our live closed captions.... Hey wait, are subtitles and closed captions the same?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This post is irrelevant in light of eternity

It's been just over three weeks that I've gotten back, but I'm still adjusting really slowly. For example, I have a tendency to not look at traffic when I'm crossing paved areas... it was sort of ingrained while in country, that cars will honk and avoid me if I'm in the way/ walking in the middle of the street. That's how it was done. Heheheheeee... I miss that.

Nothing too "exciting" has really been happening; nothing new that I can think of. However, I want something big to happen. On the other hand, I'm so lazy. But I will. One step at a time.

I saw a bumper sticker today that made me smile: "Crazy driver on board."

My nose is running, so I'm going to go and catch it.
Haha, couldn't help it. I meant to say, I'm going to go blow the mucus out of my nostrils.

.....and irrelevant post out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from OEX

I've been procrastinating updating because in my mind, it hasn't really reached a priority, until about now. I've been busy trying to catch up with other things, cleaning things, trying to set my internal clock back to normal, etcetera, etcetera. So, I came back June 15. The trip I went on wasn't a holiday- it was a missions trip. It was great. To sum it up, it was intense, amazing, challenging, tiring, and a divine blessing.

Here are some pictures:

This was on the flight back... my first cup of milk in 6 weeks!!!!

I was so excited! Woohoo! Milk! This was supposed to be my "excited" face.
This was my expression right after I tasted it. It tasted like milk, but not like milk from home (2%) . But it was still ok. That's why I don't have a disgusted look, it's more like a "Hmmm.... eeh... milk?" look.

So, those three pictures basically sum up the trip! Nah, just kidding.
If you would like to read my update letter about what happened, or have questions, just leave your name and number after the beep.

Wait, wrong technology. Electronic mail me. There that's it.
God is great! All glory, honour, praise- belongs to Him. Ask me why if you don't understand. It's good to be back. But I miss it dearly.

Tum te tum....

Gas has been at about the 114¢/litre range. Apparently, it was near $1.30/litre while I was gone.
And the loonie was at 93.76 ¢USD the day I got back. Crazy!

Monday, April 30, 2007

A Dormant Terriblelands

As mentioned previously, I will be away from April 30 - June 15. Expect nothing until then. Feel free to browse the site (if you don't see an annoying menu frame to your left, click here). You can waste hours of your life away on the gigantigism links page as well as you can etc etc etc.

Hmmm.. while away, I'm missing the Canucks in the playoffs, the Amazing Race, Survivor (actually... meh), The Office, Heroes, Spider-Man 3... But it will be worth missing!

Pray for us. And if you want to know more, ask me about my trip when I get back.

Until then, for the record, I would just like to say that "My Glorious" by Delirious? is one of the most awesomest songs ever.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dragon Ball Z + Narcissistic Tim = Sad Geeky Little Boy

My hair was really long before I got a haircut this past week. So before that, I thought I'd do something fun, like pretend I'm from Dragon Ball Z. These are the results:

I wasn't thinking of doing a bunch of poses, I just wanted to get one good one, cause my hair actually looked great for once. Anyways, hope you had a good laugh. I did. It was funny. Hahaha. Not.
So much to do, so little time.

Saw gas for +125¢/litre yesterday. That price made it to be a topic on the news too.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Amazing Ethnic Race (8pm/9 Central)

(Don't feel bad if you don't understand my title - it's supposed to be a joke. A lame joke)

Haven't checked my email all day, been doing errands/avoiding the computer. Found out there was a bomb threat at SFU today via my inbox. Huh, interesting. And sad.

Speaking of school, I finished all my final exams this week, and I was musing on the bus, I can't remember which day, but in my 8 semesters so far at SFU I've had profs/lecturers/TAs who were:

- Canadian (caucasian)
- Japanese-Canadian ( not Nisei)

- Indo-Canadian
- British Indian
- Chinese (from China)
- Bosnian (don't know if Canadian citizen)
- British (don't know if Canadian citizen now)
- South African (don't know if Canadian citizen now)
- Canadian-Chinese
- Russian (don't know if Canadian citizen now)
- American (caucasian.... not 100% if he was American...)
- and a Honger
(Nov 22, 2008 - also add to the list:

which I find pretty interesting. Just goes to show how multicultural Canada really is. I really enjoy talking about race/ethnicity... it's fascinating to find out what cultural backgrounds people have, what common ties there are, and what are the differences people have with one another. Speaking of differences, I'll be the first to say, that yeah, I'm racist. I am one of the most racist people I know sometimes. However, before you try to start thinking up some nasty names to call me (I'm not Hitler-racist, I just make stupid comments/observations from time to time), I want to point out that I believe everyone is racist. Just some more than others. Think about it. Think about yourself while you're at it. It can be hard to admit and I think it's difficult to get away from. But hey, you should understand by now, that's life.

Speaking of life, my life to be exact (yeah, lousy transition I know), I'm going to be away April 30 - June 15 in east Asia. Going to be fun, so don't email me, I won't get it. Talk to me privately if you want to know more. I am more than happy to talk to you about it, even if you're a random internet stalker (althought you must be some real nutjob to be stalking someone like me).

And now to end off with something funny. I heard Jon Stewart say something like this on The Daily Show: "Four words you thought you'd never ever hear: Al Gore movie star"
I cracked up.
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thanks to the Internet, this can happen

Yes, in the previous post, I tried to pull a BWG. People are wiser than that. And I'm sort of predictable.

This post is about something that I find humourous. I was at school in a computer lab trying to do work by myself. But, then I wanted to ask someone about an assignment. So using MSN Web Messenger I tried to contact them. But, because the Internet was invented, it messed me up. And thus, the end result is a funny conversation. Note: I’ve changed people’s real names to their respective Elf/Hobbit/Orc (thank you
Barrow-Downs!) names because it makes it funnier. That and I want to respect their privacy. So here it is:

this is what Tim says:

~Pellaaeariel~ says:
hey hey
~Pellaaeariel~ says:

this is what Tim says:
this isn't Melilot?

~Pellaaeariel~ says:
Melilot is

this is what Tim says:
hmmmm i see

~Pellaaeariel~ says:

this is what Tim says:
Grishdúsh the Horrible passed me your email, Nî
this is what Tim says:
i'm assuming you know Grishdúsh?

~Pellaaeariel~ says:
ummmm no
~Pellaaeariel~ says:
~Pellaaeariel~ says:
where u from?
~Pellaaeariel~ says:

this is what Tim says:
um… is that Melilot you're referring to, Melilot Took ?
this is what Tim says:
and yes I am from Canada

~Pellaaeariel~ says:
lol yep
~Pellaaeariel~ says:
people always add me on their msn instead of her

this is what Tim says:
o ok..... Melilot and i are in the same class... and i was going to ask her something

~Pellaaeariel~ says:
lol add her then
~Pellaaeariel~ says:

this is what Tim says:
anyways.... sorry for bothering you!

~Pellaaeariel~ says:
i don't know her I'm all the way in australia!
~Pellaaeariel~ says:
lol no worries!
~Pellaaeariel~ says:
enjoy ur day!

this is what Tim says:
small world. ok bye!

Well I think it's funny...

Saw gas for 117.7¢/litre....

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Grrrrrr.... Stupid.....

Sugar is great. Sugar is great because it is sweet. Sugar is also stupid. When I have too much bodily intake of sugar, it gives me a reaction. I think my mind starts to process things too quickly, and I do things without thinking carefully. Similar to becoming hyper. Maybe it's the same thing. Stupid sugar...

Anyways, last night while at the grocery store, I saw a car parked right in front, but the toolshed person who parked the car didn't do it properly. They went into the stall head first, but had cut across the other stall beside it, so about 1/4 of the back end was over the other stall. Is it that difficult to understand what the white lines are for?! I think it was from all the jolly ranchers I was eating about an hour earlier, but something inside me made me so angry. I don't know why I decided to do it, and I've never done anything like it before. I wanted that person to learn how to park a car properly. So I keyed their car. Yeah I know, idiot.

The guy came back just as I started (it was only about an inch) , saw me, and I just froze. I was in the wrong. I knew it. He just started to yell at me and went off about pressing charges for vandalism or whatever. Everything started to blur right about then. About half an hour later, after talking to police and stuff, it was settled (for now) and the guy will be contacting me about whether or not he wants to settle this outside of court. Stupid sugar. Stupid everything.

NOTE: Please look at the date of this post. Hardy Har Har.
On a more lighter side, I've signed up for Google TiSP. Hurray...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rainy Friday/ New links/ Sunny Tuesday

Here's a fun way to start a Friday morning. Especially when you have to walk a couple blocks to the bus stop, in the rain (heavy rain). There was a lot of rain Friday!

1. Step out front door.
2. Open umbrella, as you close the door behind you.
3. Watch your umbrella handle snap off in your hand, and the rest of the umbrella fall to the ground.
4. Look up at sky and see that rain is still falling.
5. Bummer.

I really took pride in my
umbrella... sniffle. Barely a year old...
(Don't worry, it's still alive. When I came home, I was able to snap the handle back into the rest of the umbrella, and it still works. It just has some trouble folding back up though)
However, after this incident, I am considering investing in a really good umbrella.

New links added onto the gigantism links page: the local vancouver legend man - one and only Toddish McWong this site is about swedes in argentina (sarcasm) some fascinating posts, + dragon boys ultimate fan site! generates world map of where you've been a site about anything but the ipoop. i mean ipod. convert stuff into PDF, online for free! narf 31 ways to tie your shoes finger frenzy, type the alphabet as possible - my best is 2.734 ... for now some more funny. wow i just gave free advertising... again... someone buy me something from here too! everybody loves....the hypnotoad! play the blues interactively a zombie applet thingy. fascinating to watch.


This morning, it was so cold that there was frost on car windows, and I could see my breath. By the time I left school (late afternoon), it was so sunny, it hurt eyes. Oh yeah, there was blue sky and clouds etc etc. It looked like spring. Crap.

Just a few days before, it was nicely grey miserably raining (scroll up). When it's spring, it means bugs are giving birth. And grass starts to grow. Which means I have to cut it. Which means I have to wander into PooLand and clean up his crap. When it's cold (ie. the wintry months), I get lazy and let Lance do his business wherever he wants to in the yard. Let nature take care of the cleanup. Unforunately, nature doesn't always do a good job of decomposing his stuff, and hence, we end up with a yard that I refer to PooLand, because you should only walk on it at your own risk. Because the land is filled with his poo.

My great appreciative thanks goes to God though. I've been noticing the grass get longer over the past few weeks as the weather gets warmer, and I make a good effort to try to ignore it.
"Pretend it isn't growing, because then I don't have to cut it!"
"Wait, its raining outside, I can't cut it!"
"It rained a few days ago, the ground is still wet, I can't cut it!"

...that sort of thing.

Today, as mentioned, it was sunny and it was still sunny by the time I got home. The ground was relatively quite dry. No more excuses. I decided to go and cut the grass. And here's why I'm so thankful - because of all the heavy rain from the past week, most of Lance's doodies were gone! Made my chore a little bit easier.

For those in Edmonton, my heart goes out to you. It must have felt good to kick that twelve straight loss streak.... sort of....

Been seeing gas for 108 - 114¢/litre. Wow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I found a yo-yo today + Other random bits

1. It was in WMC 2230. I just saw it at the back of the room, as I was waiting for class to start. No clue what the Economical Insurance Group is. Too lazy to google. Too lazy to care. Not very good quality (unlike those Yomegas a few years back), but very relaxing to play with! If you know someone who lost this yo-yo, I'll be happy to return it.

2. I went to use the facilities in the library today to, you know, powder my nose (pee), because I had to go. Anyways, I noticed the stall was being used because the door was closed, and all of a sudden, I heard this guy talking in there! He was in the library! In the bathroom! On the can! With his cellphone! I just shook my head in disbelief.

3. A while ago, I overheard this conversation with two gruffy/scruffy middle aged guys near the downtown area:

Guy 1: Hey how's it been? I haven't seen you in a while! Hey, you should really tie your shoelaces!
Guy 2: No way man, I've been walking around like this for the past 2 weeks!
Guy 1: So what have.....
[blah blah blah the continue to chat]
Me: -_-....

4. Watching curling highlights on TV is funny, especially when the skip yells.
5. I am procrastinating right now.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CSI: Jerusalem

I just read John 18. What a time to live in back in the first century! Imagine, your own country, overrun by these Italian people, who wear skirts as part of their uniforms and brooms on their heads. Yeah that was my attempt at being funny. Ok now for the serious part.

Warning: You really need to think hard from this point on and have a strong imagination as you continue to read.

Look at verse 3. Judas came with a gang. With weapons. At night. I can't imagine what they all were thinking: Judas, the high priests, the servants in the group, the soldiers.... I can't imagine what they were expecting to happen. All of a sudden in the middle of the night, you find yourself with a bunch of other guys, torches, swords, spears... its the beginning of a small mob really.

Now look at verse 10. Peter had a sword of his own. Did the other disciples have weapons on them as well? Was it common in those times to have a sword strapped to one's side, under a tunic? Did everyone carry some sort of weapon when they travelled? Look at the Parable of the Good Samaritan. In verse 30, the guy was wounded. I'm pretty sure they weren't little scratches on his knee because he was left to die on a dusty road. Attacked and ambushed by thieves, probably stabbed.

I wonder what the homicide rate was like in Jerusalem. People are angry at the Romans. Romans are angry at the way people don't respect them (despite they are the ones who have the power and are occupying Israel). And people are angry at other people for all sorts of reasons. I'm pretty sure there were lots of foreigners as well, milling around Jerusalem all the time, since it was a major city and they were pretty much smack dab in the middle of trading routes. With so many diverse, angry, people in one small patch of land, I wonder how easy it was for people to just go missing. For someone to all of sudden find a dead body in the middle of nowhere outside the city decaying (see title of post).

People were insensitve then, as they were now. In the parable, people passed by the half-dead guy without caring. In John 18, the mob was ready to fight against another small group of men in a silent garden. In a dark, damp, smelly back alley in the Downtown Eastside, some person is hurting, all alone. In a small home, a group of fanatics are planning to blow a bomb up in a market, half way around the world, or even in North America.

And yet, despite people walking around with swords, despite zealous groups planning to overthrow the government, and despite fighting and killing all around, Jesus says:

"The first of all the commandments is: ‘Hear, O Israel [Canada], the LORD our God, the LORD is one. And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these." Mark 12:29-31

Despite the lady who cut me off and then flipped me the bird on the highway, despite the company who charges me extra on my bill and then blames me for whatever, despite the small group of teenagers who beat up my friend, Jesus says, "Love them, as I have loved you."

NOTE: the above comments about certain verses/passages from the Bible are my own speculations, thoughts, and imaginations. Please don't take them as truth entirely, but do research yourself on what the Bible is actually saying.

Saw gas around 102-104¢/litre

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm lazy + Superbowl 2007 commercials

I've felt really really lazy. That's why I haven't bothered to post anything in a while, or make any quality posts. Ugh. I'm so tired. The lazy kind of tired.

Here's three of the funniest (that I think) of this year's Superbowl commercials:
(NOTE: I do not endorse any of these products/services, I just think they're funny. And I like funny.)
(Note to the NOTE: Actually, I like Jack in the Box, because the food there is deliciously greasy.)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Short Story

Once upon a time,


The End