Thursday, January 04, 2007

Semi-Random January Post

Apparently its 2007 A.D., which means the year is new, relative to about 5 days ago. But I still think everything looks the same. I don't get what all the fuss is about. Whoopee we gained one digit, from 6 to 7! If we really want some change in this world, we should be changing our yearly increments by a larger number, say.... 72. So instead of saying "Happy 2007!" we would actually get to say stuff like "Happy 2078!" and then next year would be "Happy 2150!" If we did that, then we'd actually see some real change in the world. Or not. This paragraph isn't really supposed to make a lot of sense, just some random filler. Hence my title.

Sooooo....I'm back from Cowtown, same as last year, except no "crazy" incidents. Now sort of resting/cleaning/erranding/catching up on sleep. And semi-preparing for the new semester.

I might post some new content in the near future. Or I might not. Probably not.
Oh yeah, Facebook is good for stalking people.

New episode of the The Office is on!


Anonymous said...

I like your idea of +72 increments

Tim said...

people who visit the Terriblelands are weird. just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

haha hmm talking being weird again>< haha yeah facebook is a stalking tool. It would be crazy to increase by 72 years each year. wow you have ambitions.

Anonymous said...

really Jill is part chinese :P haha hey cool I am a historian and political science girl haha I liked your post about the Chinese redress

Anonymous said...

you said on monday you'd post an update :( i NEED amusement!! especially when i start work :P