Friday, September 30, 2005

rain, random, and (re)search

At SFU, the rain was beautiful yesterday (as well as the mist. so peaceful). In between classes, instead of plunking myself in a study carrel I went up towards the AQ gardens and I sat on the steps (under some covering of course) and watched the rain fall (and then I read my textbook a bit…I didn’t waste all of my time…). When there’s heavy rain, and its falling fast, the AQ pond just looks so nice….ripples everywhere. I like rain. I like fall. Or autumn. Whatever its called. Leaves change colour beautifully. And all the bugs start do die. wahahahahah…….die all you bugs!

On a less morbid note, it’s now time for a random thought. After reading a label on a piece of fruit regarding the nutritional value, since I read that it has 0% fat, 0% protein, 0% carbs, etc….I conclude that:

Man cannot live on pineapple alone.

Hey, it’s the truth. Think about it. It tastes good, but you wouldn’t last long with all the acidity.
One other quick thing – 3 cheers for me! the Terriblelands has been indexed on!!!! Try it! If you just type in: “the Terriblelands” in the google search engine, my site will pop up! hehehe lame I know.

Monday, September 26, 2005

don't see these people everyday

here's something you don't see everyday (or at least i don't).
from left to right: Mark Washington #23 of the BC Lions, Barrin Simpson #51 of the BC Lions, Pastor David Forrest of GT, and Laura Lynn Tyler of the former NOWTV.

(photo by me, (Tim), sunday september 25, 2005, Glad Tidings Church)

its not bad a picture i think.
hmmmm speaking of nowtv......they've been gone what, since labour day? replaced by omni 10?!?!? gahhh!!!!! for well over a year, i could depend that if i needed to, from 7pm mon-sat, i could switch on the tv and get my gone..........
i guess it will only be in my memories.....and here.

btw, if you're having a bad day and not feeling well, watch the news and you'll see thats somewhere there's someone off worse than you. its a cruel world. collectively speaking, we need all the help we can get, in more ways then one.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

sick do strange

sssiiiiigh.........i haven't been feeling too good since tuesday (sep 20) and nows its thursday, 2 days later, and i'm still not feeling good. but i've improved mucho so i'm grateful for that.

sickeness can make me feel and do things weird.
1. yestereday, it was my nose that was stuffed. today, it was my ear(s) that was stuffed. i had to try to pop it constantly to get rid of that air pressure or whatever in every single lecture/class/now.

2. for some reason on the bus to school today, my throat was reaaaly dry and it was being tickled i guess from my breathing. it was really bothersome and i was struggling because i didn't want to all of a sudden blow up and start have a coughing fit (the bus was packed) so i was struggling to keep my mouth closed and i got tears in my eyes because of that. and a tear ran down my cheek and i was sniffling cause of my runny nose, i think other passengers must have thought, " o dear, this strange chinese kid is crying on the bus"..... i didn't bother to look up to see if anyone was looking at me. stupid nose.

3. because i'm not feeling too well, i had the strange urge to find something warm and mushy to eat for breakfast. and i had oatmeal. i know, shocking. howver, it was very tasty (although it looked you say "disgusting") after putting in the sugar. what a great word. oatmeal. its not really a meal though. it should be called oatmush..aren't i clever?

so thats it, three weird things that sick do strange to me.....for now.
i updated a new picture in the "meh" section, click here to see it.

Monday, September 19, 2005

engirsh foonee (actually linguistiscs)

wahahah this cracks me up. i'm reading the ccw for ling 100 and here's the boring cited part if you're that interested in looking it up:

Pinker, Steve, "How language works"
the language instinct
US: william morrow and company, 1994 ISBN:0688121411, p.87
copyright: william morrow and company/ access copyright, 1994

i don't know, i just copied that from the front of the ccw.
anyuways, heres the funny part, talking about sentences.

This sentence no verb.
This is not a complete. This either.

i read it and burst out laughing. i think i had too much dessert (sugar)....mmmmmm cake.....

two days after free 4 all

so i haven't had much time to post these until now. i came back home on saturday pooped. and after church on sunday i was still pooped. and now instead of doing my phil/econ/lings readings i figure now's a good time to start posting.

NOTE: most of the pictures are of bad quality either because i was behind a fuzzy window or i didn't use my flash. i didn't use my flash cause it's distracting and that caused the camera to automatcially use a slower shutter speed.

on our way to GT we passed by Broadway Church around 10:45ish where the other Free 4 All was taking place. they were going to open their doors at 11, but as we went by we already saw a huge line outside the building. we guessed we were to expect the same.
so........arrived at GT around 11am-ish. all volunteers were to be there early to prepare and do some last minute stuff. this is what the sanctuary looked liked before....thousands of toys....

 and here's the gym with 20 skids of food i think. it doesn't look like a lot in the picture, but its a lot. trust me.
people are taking the plastic off and unpacking the food stuffs

 later everyone was in the gym and we packed the bags in an assembly line type thing. then registration people (thats me) were called out to get trained to use the mini-computer thingies. just as we were done learning it, we were going to go outisde and pre-register people in line with the bar code scanner thing but instead, i got called back inside cause i had to manage the songs lyrics and dvd stuff. demoted from a symbol mc-50 to a motorola walkie talkie. i didn't get to play with the high tech gadget. o well.

 the doors would be opening around 2pm and volunteers were waiting around in the sanctuary, ready to greet the guests when they enter. and of course ready to help the kids to the the front so they could get their toys. ..

 and people start to come inside!...more...and more.....and more people....(volunteers are generally white shirted while guests are the ones with balloons above their heards cause chilrden were given free balloons).

 by 2:45, the place was really filling up. there's still a long line of peope to get inside! the first picture is of people lined up outside (i know, trees) and the 2nd one is an aerial view of the lineup courtesy of google earth and mspaint. the green square is where i was standing when i took the previous picture. and the 3rd is of the place filling up even more. people started to move into the balconies, but i wasn't able to get any more big pictures cause i was busy.


 this next one is of Ron and Ann Mainse from Crossroads??(is that info right??) filming stuff for i assume an episode for 100 Huntley Street. this is while people were still coming in and kids were running to their mini-Christmas-morning-in-september. the next one with the red arrow is poining to Rev. Billy Fletcher from Texas i think when he was asking if the people wanted more free stuff. they answered yes. in fact, here's a video. kids were told, when the countdown got to zero, to shout as loud as they could, and then the people on the stage would throw teddy bears at them. it was crazy and fun at the same time. right click, save target as here (need quicktime and zip extractor).

 here you sort of get an idea how many people were there. and the next one with the red rectangle is just a picture of fuzzy volunteers and a fuzzy larry and bob fuzzily waiting patiently...(grr shutter speed)

 more toys and etc were given out, a few songs were sung including a special one from our church's children's choir. then Rev. Billy Fletcher explained what was happening and why it was being done. people were touched. it's one of those you-had-to-be-there-to-fully-understand moments.
all the families were then offered the free gift of salvation and the ones who accepted stood up
. speechless.

 it was around this time that people were dismissed by sections to go through some doors that lead to thy gym so they could get their free bags of groceries. actually it was 4 big bags of groceries. there was a lot to give still. here we see the lineup to get out of the sanctuary and into the gym. to ensure orderliness and no stampedes occurred (thats my reasoning), everyone went out one door. Psalm 100:3

 and here we see the people getting their edible goods in the gym. those were big piles of groceries...

 a little after 5pm-ish, all the guests had left, and most of the cleanup was done. the rest of the volunteers met in the gym, discussed the fantastic happeneings of the day and what else needed to be done before we all left.

 wow. it was a very busy day. which is why i was pooped to do anything until today. Thank You God for great weather on saturday and our general safety.
i can't wait to see the videos that people filmed

Friday, September 16, 2005

ideas before le grauit pour tout

i don't know why...i have a weird habit of throwing in bad grammared/mispelled french into my own notes and that's why the title looks funny...meh

(continuation from the previous post)
so i got to church. ran around trying to find what im' supposed to do and what work team i'm to be on. i thought i'd be doing the projector/ppt thing. turns out just 2 songs are going to be done tommorow and it should work out. found out i'll be getting to play with a little machine that resembles a palm pilot except the differences are......hmm.....let me explain first what the Free 4 All is first.

so....i think it was last week faimiles around the vancouver area were sent a post card type thing in the mail with a unique bar code on it and info inviting them to a church (eitther Broadway or GT) for sep 17, 2005 to get free food and toys for their family. then they go to the church and line up to get inside (i've heard about 750 families so far? with 800 kids total? i'm not sure about those numbers) and then they get to go inside and get their free stuff. no catch. how can there be no catch? it's from God. o wait there is a catch. you have to have the card to get in to get the free stuff. its from God but the process its given is through humans, hence the card with the code. but hey like i said before, not dinky stuff either. top quality stuff. 4 bags of groceries per famillie and 5 toys per kid (i think...i'll confirm these details later).

ok that's the basics. anyways what i learned tonight is that i think i get to play with a little machine that resembles a palm pilot except it has a bar code scanner on it and when i scan the family's post card thing, it sends the info down to a database server whatever thing in phoenix? and then tells me that they're now registered and can go in. its a very orderly process to insure that the families can get their stuff and people can't forge their own cards or go through to get things twice. and that little computer thing is worth maybe 100000 pennies...about the size of a deck of cards. the technology!

all this info is pending....i'm not guaranteeing its all correct, hence the question marks. i'm still not sure what will happen exactly tommorow since i got to church late. but this is what i think is happening so far. neato.
i think this'll be covered by the local news stations...maybe. o well. if not i will and i'll post some pcitures.

a transit story

amazing day. a beezy day looooh. had my lecon de conduisant (i know i know), ate lunch, rushed to sfu, got there around 2:30. helped set up for le welcome back de bbq, met old/new people, won a book (The Darknes and the Dawn by Charles Swindoll....can't wait to read it), and then jetted out of there around 5:15 cause i had to come home and then head out to GT for the prayer/prep rally.
that didn't happen.

missed the first bus by a few seconds at the sfu bus loop and then the bus pole schedule said the next one would be in 10 minutes. it didn't come until about 25 min later or so. missed the 6:05 #28 bus at kooteany loop by maybe 10 seconsd again. waited 15 min for the next one to show. got to phibbs, had to wait for the next 232 bus at 6:45ish. my parents were planning to leave the house by 7 so i called them and they'd already left. so i figured.....hmmmm maybe i'll bus it to church and then i'll miss just part of it only. so i got off around lonsdale/18th? or somewhere there. had to wait until 7:30ish for the next bus to the quay. had to wait for 26 minutes for the next seabus when i got there. ran onto the skytrain. got off at mainstreet/science world. waited until 8:45 for the #8 to fraser and 18th. finally got to church around 9pm-ish. oy. translink not too reliable hmmm but i should be grateful for the upass....sigh.

some strange things that i don't see everyday that i saw today whilst travelling:
- a boy on the bus chewing on the end of his umbrelal handle
- a filipino guy with a guitar case who strangely looked like jerome fontamillas (switchfoot in town?)
- 4 hells angels riding in "formation" and setting a parked car's alarm off on the side of the street
- red ink written on a skytrain pillar "bury the drug dealers before the bury us"
- part of the skytrain tunnel (eg. between the water front - stadium station) is nearly a pefect circle (tube-like). never noticed that before

one last thing. when you go to a ccc event, usually ignite, you get a name tag. i didn't realize mine was still on me until i think all the bus drivers i encountered knew my name today.....sigh......
o yeah, i've estimated maybe just less than 50 km in about just less than 4 hours of transit/waiting....
bah-- other people have it worse than me. thank You God for my safety.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

bad and the good in this city

wow, just watching the news this evening was pretty sickening, with the whole home-operated drug lab bust in richmond (and the other ones in vancouver and everywhere else...). millions of ecstasy pills seized, and the millions in street value. the love of money makes people do wicked things. there's a general concensus growing up as kids (and now) that drugs are bad and we should stay away from them and blagh blahg blagh. yet young teenagers everywhere are going out to find "fun" things to do and the next thing you know it, boom drug addiction (or in the rare case death). yeah, i know it's not all youth who are doing it, but it just bothesr me. makes me wince inside, because if younger people are getting into these problems, what if it was me?

on a brighter note, something good is happening in this city saturday, september 17, 2005. about 1 day left. its the Free 4 All at Glad Tidings Church and Broadway Church in Vancouver. over $100,000 in toys and groceries are being given away for FREE to families in need. and it's not going to be one dinky little brown paper bag. it's multiple full shopping bags filled with food and other stuff that will be helpful. it is going to be mom told me that the church stage looks like a toy store filled with the goods that are going to be given away since she and my dad went there tonight to help start bagging stuff i ithink. wow......sooooo tommorow will be a busy day in regard to that with a prayer/preparation rally in the evening, as well as the campus crusade for Christ welcome back bbq thing in the AQ gardens at the old SF of U.
hmmm.....11 weeks of school left. shall i continue to ramble nonsensically about random things that are intertwined with the happenings of my life or do you want me to sock a few dingers?
Dingers! Dingers! (AABF22)

Monday, September 12, 2005

stupid stupidnes...sigh.

i didn't think i'd post anything today, thinking that i would have a boring monday. silly me. woke up around 7:30ish. left home around 8:20ish. got to sfu around 9ish, thinking my class started at 9:30ish. me and another girl thought we were in the right class til someone else came in and said that was her tutorial room and so checking on computers/offices for schedules ensued and in the end, me and my classmate were wrong.

so now i'm in the wmc comp lab on the second floor, waiting for 10:30ish. i stupidly thought my class started an hour earlier. wasn't able to think straight the night before (as well as this morning) and now i lost an hour of sleep. strangely i'm not too angry. maybe its because i'm not fully awake yet. but then how could i be typing this stupid entry if i wasn't full awake? so i guess i am fully awake. and maybe i'm not angry. i could defenityle work on my patience. so maybe this is God's test, to see how i will respond in this situation. i should be thankful i am extra early for class, and that i got to school safely. and on the bright side, i can catch up on my reading. (yup, first week and already behind in reading. the procrastinators right on schedule).............i still think school is stupid though.......(government scams.......grrrrr......)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Welcome...and just thinking

Yup here it is. My site. Welcome. Browse away world.
And leave some comments of what you think.
I’m kind of proud of this. I mean, finally, I’m google-able....not yet anyways.
This is the b-day of the Terriblelands.

On another note, this is also the anniversary of the attacks on the us of a in 2001. I remember, I was on my way to school, when I heard on the radio that the WTC had been downed (it was 9am-ish pacific time) because planes had flown into them and there were other plane crashes in the pentagon and Pennsylvania. The radio mentioned that they weren't certain if the plane crashes were related or not but I knew they were connected somehow.

When I got to school, there was a TV on in one of the classrooms and they were still showing the WTC with smoke coming out of the side. Mind you, it was still early in the morning and I wasn't fully awake yet so I thought at first it was a helicopter crash or something. I wasn't exactly paying attention. And then the news/info seeped into my head, and all the horrible pictures began to come on the TV. And then every single news media for the next few days kept replaying everything over and over again. Kind of like what they did for the Boxing Day tsunami and this present hurricane Katrina thingy too.

Its a little difficult to just sit here and talk about it, but its also difficult to actually do something with the big physical distance in between where I (or we) are and the disasters, even though I (and we) want to do something to help.
There is a purpose for things that happen in this world.

btw - special thanks to Mr. man chan for telling me to add a www in my settings thing otherwise I’d still be trying to figure this Blogger thing out ...and another quick thing, forgive the frame menu to the left. I tried fiddling it but it’s tricky to get. If you get more than one menu in the same window, just click the "HOME" link, which doubles as a reset button for my site. Meh.
...and one last thing, you'll notice that some of the links are not linked in the menu. I’ll add stuff in the future. But enjoy what's up for now