Monday, April 25, 2011

Pointless Post #60

I'm pooped but this article is worth reading:

......because I wear that watch everyday! In fact, I own two of them. Just in case one breaks (totally serious).

I used to wear a Timex Ironman watch but I got frustrated with that because the etching of the words on the side (Indigo, Start/Stop, Reset, etc) got rubbed off over time, the Indigo light itself was fading, and the replacement straps are so expensive and they wear out so easily.

But I bought my beautiful Casio F-91W's in 2009 and I haven't looked back since. The strap that came with the watch shows no wear and it's just a really simple, easy, reliable watch to use. I actually take a lot of pride in it because it's so cheap, but yet so good. Kind of like fast food, but even better because this helps me keep track of time. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. And I really love fast food.

You're welcome Casio.

PS - I'm not a terrorist.

Saw gas for 137.9¢/litre last week.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Pointless Post #59

I've hid it long enough. I've been training with Brent for the past five months now and I've made the cut for the Battlefield Fight League! Mark your calendars and please support me as I delve into the world of competitive MMA.

I'll do another post when tickets are available, but I'll be on the amateur MMA card of "BFL 8," on May 28, 2011, at the Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo, B.C. The final card and match ups will be available on the BFL website next week so be sure to check it and I really could use your prayers in my final weeks of preparation and training.

I want to fight to the best of my abilities while giving God full glory.