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Friday June 25, 2004.  The day all my exams were over.
French and Physics.  The two practically hardest things ever.


Anyways…while I was studying the weeks (mainly days…) before I made myself look forward to that day that I would be over cause then I would finally be stress free.  And I would be high school free too!

Back to the main story.  I’d seen this on TV and I looked it up on the Internet. 
They never had this kind of cool stuff when I was a younger.

T’was Spider-Man.  (its on for sale cause of the movie, Spider-Man 2, opening June 30, 2004)

So, I promised myself I would buy it straight after my provincial exams were done because I felt like I needed to reward myself…hehehe…..i’m so corny….
And… I got it.   Woohoo!

Brought it home, proceeded to open it,

remove, the tape, but I had some trouble as I was getting it out….stupid tape.

It was so beautiful.  I was so excited.

On the back of the cardboard platform thingamajig, there were tons of little twists ties

you had to untwist. I was too lazy to cut them off.

I wanted to do it the proper way.  So I freaking untwisted all of them.

You could lasso a cow with all the ties that held Spider-Man!

I noticed after I removed him from the cardboard platform thingy,
 there was this nifty design:

The holes are from where the twist ties poked through to the other side.

This was the biggest action figure I’d ever seen!

Later, I realized something about him.  What the hey is this stupid plastic thing stuck to the back of Spidey?
Turned out to be more stuff to hold him in his package.
I decided to take it off too, just so I could fully enjoy this kick butt toy.

Spider-Man and me rejoiced.

Who’s the superhero now?! Answer me punk!!!

All in all, it’s a great toy.  Bye everybody!

Please Note: All the pictures here are very fuzzy and of crappy quality cause I took them with my cheap as poop-on-a-stick Logitech QuickCam® Express™ Webcam which I got for FREE.

Semi-serious Review on the magnificent toy

- has 67 articulation points, or moving parts, for example each individual finger can move
sooo he can pose in all sorts of positions
-he’s so muscular….my hero
-its Spider-Man that’s pretty cool isn’t it?

-he’s quite heavy, cause he’s about 1 cubit tall (18 inches, 45cm)
-my Spider-Man kinda has a loose head
-it feels like I’m about to break him, every time I move one his body parts like a leg, cause his joints are stiff
I think they’re best described as gears, which are good, so his poses can hold
-you can’t eat him (it's non-edible)
-he can do stuff like this <== don’t click on it….
-costs a poopin $34.25 at Walmart (CDN funds)

God bless cheap American retail outlets….so far, they’re the cheapest place to get this toy…

All in all, its sooooooooo cool…..narf pule banana spatula

Update – June 28, 2004
-Went to Walmart, returned the little son of a piece of plastic for my money back.
-Stupid head and knee joints were reaaaaaallllly loose.
-Got a another Spider-Man off the shelf.
-Went in line to pay.
-Pulled out a weapon and aimed at the cashier.
-My weapon was a Superstore(The Real Canadian) flyer…..mohaaa….
-With tax, the new price came out to $22.76
-I saved a tub-thumping $11.49!!!!
-I could buy a lot of gummi bears…or 4 packs of the new Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!!(tax included)
God bless cheap American retail outlets who are willing to lower their prices to match their Canadian competition, especially when I’m too lazy to go to the Canadian retail outlet.  Sigh.

Now this is The Real End to this story.

If  you think I am immature, i know't

Do you have a funny pose you want to see Spider-Man in?
Request it in the comments!


Unknown said...

250 bux in the box is now the asking price

Tim said...

no way! as sad as it is to say, i'm pretty sure i have the box somewhere...