Saturday, October 28, 2006

"The 1 and Only Cheerios"

I remember when I was younger, seeing a TV ad for Cheerios, where there a bunch of kids running up this grassy hill at night time and they're all cheery and smiling. And when they get to the top of this hill, there's this giant radio/satellite dish (I think), and it's tilted so that it's like a bowl.

Then all the kids starting pouring milk into the giant "bowl" an they're still smiling. Then out come the boxes of Cheerios, and they get dumped in and so now there's bigger smiles and such, and they all start to eat it. So picture about 10 kids or whatever, around a giant bowl, all eating Cheerios digging in to this huge dish, and while they do so, they're still smiling/laughing at each other and enjoying the cereal. I think one was supposed to feel good after watching it.

Anyways, I think while growing up, my Mom only bought Cheerios once and I hated it. I don't remember if I persuaded her to buy it after watching that commercial, but if I did, I severely regret it and I now know what a stupid little kid I was for doing so. Cheerios are the pits. I don't care if it's healthy or if its low in trans fats. I don't care if it lowers the risk of heart disease or is part of a balanced breakfast. Cheerios were and are still disgusting to me.

They have this super Cheerio-ey taste and it's not sweet. Where's the sugar?!?! Where's the fancy coloured box?!?!? I don't want to eat cereal from a boring yellow box (nothing to do with racism...I hope) that doesn't taste like anything. (Honey nut Cheerios, however, are a completely different story. Yum.)

Almost all commercials I see now for Cheerios seem to be targeted at middle aged people and up. I rarely/(never?) see kids eating Cheerios in commercials. When I think about this topic, I sometimes wonder if there are any kids in realy life who currently each Cheerios. And if they do, why do they torture themselves? Or why do their parents torture them? In short, Bleagh + Wheat = Cheerios.

Wow this post was really pointless. Except now you know, I hate Cheerios. Because they taste bad. If you have read this last paragraph first, you could have saved yourself a whole lot of reading. Too late for that.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Daniel Asher Memorial

All Glory to God.

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For a beautiful, well-lived life, because he wanted to know and follow his Lord Jesus Christ.
We know Daniel's life was not cut short. It was God-ordained and his life's purpose was completed.
And now he's Home.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life is funny

It’s not always hahaha funny, but also funny in the sense that we think we understand life, but then things happen and then we feel like we don’t understand it. We’re back to asking questions and answering them in our head.

I’m not sure how I feel. This situation still doesn’t feel real, so I guess it hasn’t fully sunk in for me yet. I’m not sure what I should do, or what I’m supposed to do. My mind is blank, but full of thoughts at the same time. I’m staring blankly ahead, but still focused on what I do. I reflect on what I remember and think silently. I can’t control anything. I don’t know anything. Things happen suddenly. Without notice, to everyone; “...for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” That is God.

From my own experience, it’s almost never you get word that a friend has gone to be with Jesus. Passed away. Dead. But praise God, he’s not dead now. He’s in Heaven rejoicing (in his case, partying) where there is no suffering. I wonder why God chose for his time to be now. But really, there’s nothing I can do and no matter how much I question, the situation is still the same as it was five minutes ago, an hour ago, etc.

I thank God for the change He made in his life, for the better and to the glory of God only. In his own words:
I always felt the need for acceptance and importance...

I was raised in a Christian environment. My parents were very strict with me, ensuring that I had the right friends, was home before dark, and didn't go to parties throughout high school. I had to keep my crazy and spontaneous side of me under control.

However on my 18th birthday I unleashed myself, the rules no longer applied, I was now officially free from my parent's curfew. Here I am starting University, and I just had to join a Frat because of what I've seen in the movies (Old School), I wanted to blast off into what was supposed to be the best years of my life. Also, I knew that joining a fraternity was my own personal way of rebelling against my parents who totally went against that idea. After attending a couple of their parties, I received an invitation at the fraternity I was rushing at. Shortly after, I only had three things on my mind: girls, beer and myself.

A voice in the back of my head telling me "Dude you are totally not meant to be doing this!" It didn't make sense to me because I was having the time of my life. I felt accepted, and plus I could take advantage of my no-curfew. But something was missing...

The missing link was the purposelessness of what I was doing. I mean I can live my life, have a lot of fun, and perhaps make a lot of money, and maybe leave some mark in history but what will that mean to me after I leave this world? It will probably mean absolutely nothing, because I can't take all my worldly success with me when I die.

So I went back to my childhood roots, I remembered learning about God, and Jesus, and how they will love me no matter what. Well this was the end of my search for the "missing link", I knew whom to go to be accepted, to God! I immediately left the frat, and was in search for a new group who could help me grow - not grow financially, but grow spiritually!

Since then, I have not only found acceptance, but also I have found purpose! There are some pretty stellar benefits to all of this, for example having joy and being kind. I mean honestly, who doesn't feel good after doing something nice? I finally understand that the only way to feel satisfied is to know God. Nothing can separate us.

From, February 2006)
Definitely not separated.
Daniel Asher
(September 17, 1987 – October 17, 2006)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And Laziness is... I'm lazy. Haven't posted anything in a while. But in a way that's good. That way, the Internet is not polluted by my kilobytes and crap. And there's less global warming. Actually, there's no relation there. Now I'm lying.

Some general things I've seen on public transit in the past few week:
- a bright yellow Ferrari (couldn't see what kind it was, drove too fast)
- I found an old lighter (fulfills my pyromaniacal pleasures)
- tourists......many many tourists
- a girl clipping her fingernails. Sitting beside me.
- a guy with green socks (they were SUPER green) reading The Real Terror Network
- a beautiful firey orangey light reddish outline above the horizon as the sun set, blending with the various dark blues in the sky

Oh yeah, Google bought YouTube. Wow. Maybe my Google conspiracy theory was right. Imagine some day, if Google buys an island in the middle of nowhere. Then they could start a country! Imagine if Google were to get a seat on the UN Security Council thingy! Imagine if Google started their own underground nuclear testing (oh yeah, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea did that yesterday)..... Bad Google.... Just kidding. Or am I? Well, since I want to keep using Blogger for free, yes, I am kidding.

Btw, YouTube is bad, if you enjoy watching TV and movies. I've watched so much Spider-Man (old Fox cartoon), caught up on an episode of the The Office I missed last week, silly hilarious Korean and Japanese game shows, Fight Back to School, Colbert Report clips, etc....
There's also tons of Just for Laughs and old Whose Line is it Anyway clips....
Ahhh laughter! And procrastination! Wait, that's bad.

Saw gas today for 96.5 ¢/litre. It's been hovering slightly above and below $1.00 for a while.