Saturday, May 27, 2006

Death of a Watch + squirrel eating video

My watch isn’t dead, but its pretty close to being dead. One button doesn’t work, but it still functions fine. Actually, the main thing is just that the little metal thingy that holds the straps together broke off about 2 weeks ago. I tried to fix it with a twist tie. Didn’t work. So I’ve been watch-less since then. I’ve been relying on my cell phone to tell me the hour and minute of the day, which is good, but just an inconvenience because I have to dig it out of my pocket whenever I want to check the time.

Something that I’ve noticed, almost like a trend nowadays, is that it’s more common for young people to have a watch over a cell phone. Especially for grade school elementary kids. Personally, I don’t believe they should be having things like that at their age (as if they need it), but that’s something else. Anyways, it almost seems as if that watches just aren’t enough for today’s users.

“A watch? I don’t need a watch. I need a phone! It can tell me the time! It has an alarm clock! It plays MP3s! And takes pictures/video! And it has a calendar! I can also call people with it! And it pays the bills! And does my laundry! A watch can’t do all that!” (Note: Exaggeration)

It’s not really troubling that more people have phones than watches, but in a way it’s sad. Watches are slowly fading away amongst the general public. However, I don’t believe there will be a time (hehehe) that they will be gone entirely. Maybe in the near future, watches will become super cool, maybe cooler and more useful than cell phones, and then everyone will have a watch again. Maybe. They’d probably have to put a gun on it or something like that.

It’s just another sign of the changing times.


A "new" video is up, it's very boring (Right click = > Save as.
It's just a squirrel sitting and eating a nut.

View other squirrel junk here.
Note: All timvideos now in WMV format.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Photo updates (Scenery) & British Dental stuff

2 Scenery Photos

Did Sudoku in the Metro on Monday, 18 min. = "Smart" ranking
Did Sudoku in 24 Hours on Monday, 6 min 40 sec. = Woohoo!
Did Sudoku in the Metro on Tuesday, 23 min. = "Pretty Good" ranking.
Did Sudoku in 24 Hours today, 18 min. = I'm getting better!
Did Sudoku in the National Post today also but = Gave up. It's ranking was "diabolical."

I'm getting addicted. Sort of. I just find it very relaxing to do while using public transport.
I have a sense of accomplishment when I finish. And then I recycle the paper. 8^D

This was from Reuters the other day; I thought it was amusing:

LONDON (Reuters) - More than 60 percent of Britons use items such as screwdrivers, scissors and earrings to remove food from between their teeth, according to a survey published Friday.

The National Dental Survey found that, when it came to oral hygiene, people used whatever was close to hand to pick their teeth.

More than 60 percent questioned by the British Dental Health Foundation said they used makeshift items, including knives, keys, needles and forks.

The survey also found that 23 percent of people chose to leave food stuck between their teeth, increasing the risk of gum disease and bad breath, according to the foundation which promotes oral health.

© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved

Saw gas as high as 122.2 ¢/litre and low as 114.5 recently.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Photosgraphs Updates (Spider-Meh!)

Did Sudoku in the Metro, 25 min. = "Pretty Good"
Did Sudoku in 24 Hours, 32 min. = Bummer...
Sudoku really is fun.
Summer semester starts.
Still need to format computer.
And do work.
And laze around.
Saw gas as high as 120.2 ¢/litre and low as 115 recently.
And now, the photographie updates.

2 New Spider-Man Poses

13 Meh Photos (some not new)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No more hives.

John 10:10 describes it best: "The thief [satan] does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy."

The devil tried to steal away my health (indirectly), kill my attitude into something like self-pity, and destroy my life in general. Now, hives isn't a disease or sickness and it isn't contagious. Apparently it's the bodies/skin's natural reaction to something or other. I'm not a doctor, I can't really explain it. Oh yeah, it's normal. But anyways, if you saw my just my back and the weird lumps with redness on it, you would have gasped. It was completely covered. I could have freaked out, complained, and worried constantly thinking I was sick or something. But I didn't. John 10:10 continues to say, "I [Jesus] have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

I am "well" (wasn't really sick to begin with) now, because of the blessing of access to drugs and medical facilities that God has blessed me with, in my situation, in this country. I could be worse. I could be in dismay and be sad, stressing out over something I don't have control of. But I don't have to, because God wants me to be happy! He wants me to enjoy life! He wants me to have it "more abundantly." No matter your situation, it's the same for you.

Maybe you're thinking, "Yeah Tim, easy for your to say. You're not the one experiencing this difficulty/problem/sickness/situation/pressure. " You're right, my talk is cheap. But this is God speaking, from His Word, the Bible: "He shall call upon Me [God], and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him." (Psalm 91:15 NKJV)

When it's God, Creator of the Universe speaking, it's His promise to you.

Whew, I've been seeing gas at a constant 118+ ¢/litre.

In the past weekend in the US, there was a little something called the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner and some interesting things happened, like George Bush doing a bit with Steve Bridges, a famous impersonator and Stephen Colbert, (from the Colbert Report) who roasted, insulted, and made fun of Bush and various other people to their faces. American politics is amusing.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You haven't had fun, until you've had hives.

I was very itchy this morning, so I scratched the itches. But it persisted and I scratched some more. I noticed there were little bumps where I scratched all over my arms and legs. This has never happened to me before, (just to be clear, in case you missed it: Massive spontaneous itching, followed by the formation of many many many many many raised bumps all over the skin) so I was concerned a little. A few hours later, a visit to a walk-in clinic, and a friendly doctor says, "It's hives."

I've never had these kind of hives before. Not that I can remember at least. These little bumps/blotches (I say blotches cause I found a hive as big as a quarter on my leg) appear when I scratch furiously, but I haven't scratched in a while, and so they start to fade away a bit. They're on every major body part on me. Even my forehead and neck. But I didn't scratch those ones. I had enough self-control, because I knew if I did scratch my face/forehead, it might appear strange to other people. Think about it. Going out, walking along the street, and then a Chinese guy passes you with pinkish/reddish skin in patches, and visible raised bumps all over his head and face.

Anyways, everywhere else, I have scratched. I enjoy scratching my
back the best, when the hives become unbearable.

I don't think this was from food or contact from chemicals. There doesn't seem to be a reasonable explanation. Key word here is seems. Meh no biggie. Stuff happens, this will pass. If you're still wondering about the title of this post (even though you're probably not), it's sarcasm. For a while, I couldn't scratch myself because I was in a rush to get some work done and I didn't have the time to stop and scratch myself. The itching made me go crazy (clazee!) for awhile. In my head. The feeling I had of not being able to scratch is maybe similar to the feeling one might have, if you see a dollar on the ground, and no one is around. So you want to pick it up and keep it, but you somehow know that as soon as you do, someone is going to steal your wallet. Ok that's a bad analogy. I just wanted to tie in something else.

So, speaking about dollars, the Canadian Dollar reached 90¢ US today (eh? See? Aren't I clever! I bet you didn't see that coming. The way I switched from the previous topic, to this topic....heheeeee. The way I tied something in). Woohoo! Good for us! Bad for exporters though, because it's now more expensive for other countries to buy our stuff. That's the only thing I remember from ECON 105. Blug. Check out the neat graph at the bottom of Wikipedia's article. If the rising trend continues, I may have more incentive to buy American t-shirts with funny sayings. Or even...uh... also... uh... do something wise... uh... like... hmm... invest! Aha, yes... do something wise.......wise.....wise.....wise...........