Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pointless Post #25

I just realized that it is almost exactly 10 years ago, that I was in a Power Plant off the coast of the Rock Tunnel near Cerulean City, when I captured Zapdos. I remember freaking out as I encountered the bird because I had forgotten to save the game before engaging in battle. But as previously mentioned, I was victorious.

Aaahhh.... memories. By the way, the link is safe to click. It's not a Rick Roll (or is it?).

Oh yeeeeaaaaaaah, I just favourited that video...

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Pointless Post #24

Maybe this is embarassing to say, but I had a good cry today, and I don't really cry that often. Those onions really got to me as I was chopping to them, whew.

I think I get my hair cut about 7 times per year.

Why do birds walk so funny? And they have such skinny legs, haha!

Saw gas for about $1 yesterday and a high of 96.9¢/litre today.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Tiring Week

This is a narcissistic post. And the title says it all. I'm pooped (but slightly better after having a full night's sleep).

Aside from a few late night's earlier in the semester and an all-night report writing session two weeks ago, this has been one of the most tiring week's I've ever had.

It consisted of:

-no hockey (playing or watching)
-eating many many many granola bars
-long and frantic research, skimming articles and other things with too many words...
-sacrificing small assignments for bigger assignments
-getting ~5 hours sleep/day for four days (most was 6.75 on one day and least was 2)
-preparing and rehearsing for back-to-back presentations
-ironing a shirt at 1:30am
-doing homework in the library until almost 12am (twice)
-not being able to catch up on sleep on the bus because idiot fellow passengers will not shut up (I don't care about what your hair colour used to be, where you traveled to last year, or how you used to save money by stealing your neighbours fruits/vegetables from their garden! Talk softer! And the same to you cell phone users!)
-almost falling asleep in DG multiple times despite a very intriguing discussion (at least, it sounded intriguing from what I remember of it... all I remember now is that afterwards I kept on thinking of a Mark Driscoll quote, "Culturally liberal and theologically conservative.")

My mind is still in the process of planning for buttloads of work, deadlines, and meetings in the two remaining weeks of school....

....waah, waah, waaah, Tim is such a big whiny baby. Somebody change his diaper and give him his bottle. Good sweet crap you're so annoying with your sob stories of how you're still alive and didn't have to dodge land mines or walk miles for a trickle of parasite infested water to drink.

Point taken. I'll shut up now.

PS - I'm not a schizophrenic.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Pointless Post #23

I washed my headband by hand earlier today because I'm going to need it when I play floor hockey later (I have amazing sweat glands in my forehead! Wait, do I even have sweat glands in my forehead? I'm not a biologist...) Ahem, regardless, whenever I play sports, sweat pours down my face and I use a headband to keep the sweat from my eyes.

So after I washed my headband, it was still really, really wet, even after I had wrung it out. So instead of sticking it in the dryer (which would have been wasteful, all by itself), I tried microwaving it. Three minutes later, it started to smoke so I quickly took it out and success! It was 90% dry!

So now I have a partially burnt headband, our house smells like burnt-something, but it's still useable!

Yes, I'm Chinese. Thankyoubyebyeee! [said with high-pitched nasal Canto accent]

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Pointless Post #22

Internet memes do not work well in real life. Specifically, rickrolling and saying "fail" (or "epic fail" if that fancies you more). Or maybe I'm just too big of a nerd.

Sigh. I should probably get some fresh air.

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