Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Post-SFU, 2010, and the Vancouver Olympics doesn't feel real

I've been a student for almost my entire life and so the idea of me not returning to school again still doesn't feel real. On the other hand, I'm finding it very easy to not think about school... at all. It's actually very easy too. Also, I'm a lazy bum.

I saw someone at church last Sunday who I haven't seen for a long time and we greeted each other with a hug. I'm pretty sure he's done two handed hugs in the past, so I put out both arms, just as he only put out one arm (maybe to do a side-hug?). It was almost awkward. He asked me if there's anything new in my life, and being the dull person I am, usually I respond, "Not that I can think of" but for the first time....this decade (oh yeah, I also find it weird that its 2010.... I keep writing 2009 on things) I promptly said, "Yes, I'm done school, and I'll be working at the "Olympics" soon!" (although I didn't do air quotes). I'm no longer a dull person (or am I? Please don't respond to that in the comments)!

And yes, it's the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (that's also weird to think about that its happening so soon... and that its actually happening). I'll be getting paid (none of this volunteer nonsense... I only work for free for Jesus and family) to be an "Event Services Staff" at the Main Media Centre venue at Canada Place and the new waterfront Vancouver Convention Centre. I'm still not sure what I'll be doing. Apparently it involves standing a lot outside and smiling.

With so much free time, I've been able to watch and read more news, so I'm trying to learn and absorb as much useful information I can about the Olympics seeing as how I'll be representing it in a way. I used to be so anti-Olympics, but I think that's an incorrect perspective now, as I think I was (and still pretty much am) actually more overall anti-corporation. That seems contradictory coming from a recent business student graduate. I just hate seeing money mis-managed and poorly spent on unnecessary things. Stewardship is to be a godly act of worship which I could probably preach about. Long story short, I think I'm getting excited that the Olympics will be here, and that there will be tons of people from all over the world (but I'm not looking forward to the crowds and traffic/wait times everywhere...which again seems contradictory). I am a strange person.

There are a lot of hardcore Canadians who are really excited about the games and who are actually taking the time off to volunteer and are so proud at the fact that they can do that sort of work, in Canada. You only have to watch CTV to get a glimpse of that with all the propaganda "Do you believe?" commercials as well as the newscasts (but then again, perhaps they're just trying to milk the Olympics for as much as they can because according to some other news (Global was it?) CTV overpaid for the broadcasting rights and still haven't broke even yet due to low advertising/sponsors). On one hand, all that stuff almost makes me feel bad that I'm not also moved to the point of tears when I see venues/the torch/etc which is exactly how some people are reacting, because I almost feel like a marginal person who happens to be working at the Olympics. On the other hand, I've been trying to busy my mind with more important things; things that last longer although fun and useless things (eg. video games) are competing for that same attention.

I should be starting work by the end of the month and by God's grace, I plan to work hard and put forth my best efforts (as God would require me to as a testimony to who He is and why He made me) while trying to have an enjoyable time at this once in a life time opportunity (as I also try to stay dry, assuming Vancouver winter weather remains the same old rainy Vancouver weather). Yay.