Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pointless Post #89 - Self-Checkout Stupidity Edition

Last week when I was playing floor hockey, I suited up to play in net because one of our usual goalies was a little bit late. I played two games, the last of which was horrible.  After he arrived, there were now three of us, and so we rotated playing in net to keep our energy up.  I was really motivated for my third game to try harder.  That is, until the two other goalies told me I could take off my equipment and that it wasn't necessary for me to play in net anymore.  They were being gentle with me.  A player from the sidelines was observing what was happening, looked at me and said, "HAHA, Tim just got Schneider'd!"

Ugh, that hurt.

Oh yeah, last night, I saw a mother and her daughter trying to scan an onion at the self checkout at Superstore.  AN ONION. TWICE.

Gas has been up and down in the 140s and rising.  I saw it 151.7¢/litre the other day. That made me mad.