Thursday, March 27, 2008 year later - Register for school.

Last Wednesday, I had the most stress-free registration appointment for registering for classes for the Summer 2008 SFU semester. Man alive, it was also the FASTEST.

My appointment time was for 12:30pm, but when I started, the clock on my computer showed 12:28pm, so I started earlier! I had planned the night before of what classes I wanted and made a pseudo-schedule of those classes. It took me around 15 minutes total to finish getting all four classes I was aiming for. I actually spent more time copying/pasting/colouring my timetable grid in an MSWord document, of what my final weekly class schedule would look like (it helps me see my week better).

Now, I must compare this to my very first registration appointment, as a freshly graduated highschooler. I remember distinctly that that was such a miserable day (July something) because I didn't fully understand how classes/tutorials worked and the registration system was a bit more confusing than it is now. I spent hours, no joke, HOURS trying to figure it all out, planning for a reasonable schedule and trying to comprehend it all. I skipped lunch that day. Ugh that was horrible.

I guess in comparison, it was so easy for me last Wednesday because the registration system is updated and slightly more user-friendly, its the summer semester so there's fewer people, I have more credits which means I get priority choice over those who's registration time is yet to come, and dare I say it... I was smart and relaxed about the whole process.

The only bummers I have is that they weren't offering a bunch of courses I was hoping to take, and for the first time ever in my university life, I will have classes 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday ---AAAAGGGH SOHCAHTOA THE HORROR!!! Oh well, tradeoffs. Simplicity for suffering? Shrug. And sigh (and sob, sob sob....sniffle).

But I am sort of looking forward of going back to school. And sort of dreading it too.
This was a selfish post. If you've made it this far, good for you! Enjoy this emoticon: 8^D

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Windows 2000 Server Fun... or is it?

This is a thick book. Its "The Complete Guide to Enterprise Networking with Windows 2000 Server." Hey, if it's by the publisher Sybex, who have "25 Years of Publishing Excellence" and has over 1800 pages, you can't go wrong can you?
Here's a size comparison of the thickness of the book with my hand, and a floppy disk. The disk was nearby so I grabbed it out of convenience.
You can't see it on the back cover because the picture is too small, but it says, "Featured on the CD: On the enclosed CD, you'll find a fully searchable electronic copy of the book- complete, convenient, and easy-to-use."
Hey look, there's the CD! Ohhh, never been opened too... pretty. I guess that should leave me free to...........
....make a book safe out of it! Wa-ha! Check out those 5.25" floppy disks! This is just the back compartment.  Here's the front compartment (much deeper). Hey look, a Colt 25! Relax, it shoots BBs... and annoying people.

 Hurrah for books!

In case you're wondering, I cut out 20-30 pages out at a time (not like this guy, his way is better...more efficient.... sigh), recycled the cut out paper, and instead of making one big compartment, I made one semi-big compartment and one small one. Then I glue-gunned some scrap cloth from the prom dress I was making onto the sides to act as a lining and to keep the pages together. Ta-da.

And before anyone says it, no, I do not have too much time on my hands, I did this over a period of a few weeks. While watching TV. Hmmm, that kinda contradicts what I just said because TV isn't a necessity. Meh.
Errrgh, hardly online anymore. Still post-poning reading emails as well as reading people's blogs' feeds. I'll get to it. Forgive me, I really do want to, but I see some posts in my RSS viewer are sooooo long and I put off reading them!
Saw gas for 115.9¢/litre.