Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Warning to all Teeth

This little thingy appeared on our kitchen table a few days ago. I didn't know where it came from. One day I just saw it lying on the table, smiling at me. It appears to be a little rubber tooth (molar) that I suppose is to be placed on top of a pen or pencil. A little novelty item for kids I guess. In my mind, I call it Toothy. Toothy the tooth.

If it were real and life size, I'd love to punch it. Take that silly little grin off Toothy's face. What is he (or she?) smiling at? Does he or...wait French-English dictionary says tooth is feminine (la dent) but it doesn't really look female ...let's not go there. Where was I....? Oh yeah, what kind of smile is that anyway? What would you do if some nut on the street started to smile at you like that? And those eyes! Yeah, Toothy's just asking for it now. Pow! Biff! Smack! Zock! Try and intimidate will you, eh?!Let that be a lesson to all you other Toothys! Try to take over my kitchen table parent's kitchen table and you'll deal with me!
Gas up to 119.4¢/litre today.
Remember to pray for the nation of Israel.

1 comment:

Tim said...

sigh. pause. think.
for any freedom it comes with a cost.
war. huh. yeah.
what is it good for?