Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday - September 12, 2006

Well, the Terriblelands is more than one. That kinda went fast... and slow at the same time. Meh doesn't matter. Also, another year passes by 9/11, the marked day that will always be engraved in our minds (thanks to the media's constant replays) of the tragedy that hit pretty close to home. Sometimes things seem so meangingless.

But life's not. Thank God He didn't make it that way.

I'm pretty sore from last night. Played hockey at my church, the first night of the "season." But it felt good, and I got to run around so I'm content with the pain (if you're in the area, drop by at 7pm on Mondays to play). School still chugs away, and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I'm trying to get involved in some paid research studies at school because some of them have pretty good pay (eg. $10 for 25 min doing a survey or whatever). That should be interesting. More or less.

Oh wait, something out of the ordinary did happen today. I saw a guy pee on a "wall" in front of more than ~75 people waiting for the bus at school. It seemed like I was the only one noticing it though. I should try and get a picture of the area so that my story is comprehendable. I was laughing, but disgusted at the same time. What a feeling.

Ok, go live your life now. Its passing by you know.

Saw gas on Saturday, yetserday, and today for 98.9 ¢/litre.

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