Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And Laziness is...

...me. I'm lazy. Haven't posted anything in a while. But in a way that's good. That way, the Internet is not polluted by my kilobytes and crap. And there's less global warming. Actually, there's no relation there. Now I'm lying.

Some general things I've seen on public transit in the past few week:
- a bright yellow Ferrari (couldn't see what kind it was, drove too fast)
- I found an old lighter (fulfills my pyromaniacal pleasures)
- tourists......many many tourists
- a girl clipping her fingernails. Sitting beside me.
- a guy with green socks (they were SUPER green) reading The Real Terror Network
- a beautiful firey orangey light reddish outline above the horizon as the sun set, blending with the various dark blues in the sky

Oh yeah, Google bought YouTube. Wow. Maybe my Google conspiracy theory was right. Imagine some day, if Google buys an island in the middle of nowhere. Then they could start a country! Imagine if Google were to get a seat on the UN Security Council thingy! Imagine if Google started their own underground nuclear testing (oh yeah, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea did that yesterday)..... Bad Google.... Just kidding. Or am I? Well, since I want to keep using Blogger for free, yes, I am kidding.

Btw, YouTube is bad, if you enjoy watching TV and movies. I've watched so much Spider-Man (old Fox cartoon), caught up on an episode of the The Office I missed last week, silly hilarious Korean and Japanese game shows, Fight Back to School, Colbert Report clips, etc....
There's also tons of Just for Laughs and old Whose Line is it Anyway clips....
Ahhh laughter! And procrastination! Wait, that's bad.

Saw gas today for 96.5 ¢/litre. It's been hovering slightly above and below $1.00 for a while.

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