Saturday, January 27, 2007

Praise 106.5 Gas

I've been too lazy to post anything. So here's some cool pictures of gas prices from the weekend of January 6-8, 2007. Sadly, I haven't really been listening to Praise 106.5 in a long time cause I've been getting lots of interference on my radio...grrrrr.


Cheapest gas I saw yesterday was for 91.9 ¢/litre.
Gasoline is fun.


Anonymous said...

those are some great pictures of gasoline prices

Tim said...

thank you for your kind words.
i treasure them.

Anonymous said...

lol yeah cool pics:P hmm why you so intersted in it?(the price of gas that is.) It is important economically speaking lol I guess
but I like to and should listen to priase 106.5 more

Anonymous said...

hey.. i think i saw 89.9cents over lower mainland on sunday. minus 3.5, it's 86.4, woo hoooo