Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rainy Friday/ New links/ Sunny Tuesday

Here's a fun way to start a Friday morning. Especially when you have to walk a couple blocks to the bus stop, in the rain (heavy rain). There was a lot of rain Friday!

1. Step out front door.
2. Open umbrella, as you close the door behind you.
3. Watch your umbrella handle snap off in your hand, and the rest of the umbrella fall to the ground.
4. Look up at sky and see that rain is still falling.
5. Bummer.

I really took pride in my
umbrella... sniffle. Barely a year old...
(Don't worry, it's still alive. When I came home, I was able to snap the handle back into the rest of the umbrella, and it still works. It just has some trouble folding back up though)
However, after this incident, I am considering investing in a really good umbrella.

New links added onto the gigantism links page:

http://www.gunghaggisfatchoy.com/ the local vancouver legend man - one and only Toddish McWong
http://chineseinvancouver.blogspot.com/ this site is about swedes in argentina (sarcasm)
http://schemamag.ca some fascinating posts, + dragon boys ultimate fan site!
http://douweosinga.com/projects/visitedcountries generates world map of where you've been
http://anythingbutipod.com/ a site about anything but the ipoop. i mean ipod.
http://www.pdfonline.com/ convert stuff into PDF, online for free! narf
http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/lacingmethods.htm#2trillion 31 ways to tie your shoes
http://www.funny-games.biz/fingerfenzy.html finger frenzy, type the alphabet as possible - my best is 2.734 ... for now
http://www.noisebot.com/ some more funny. wow i just gave free advertising... again... someone buy me something from here too!
http://r33b.net/ everybody loves....the hypnotoad!
http://www.desktopblues.lichtlabor.ch/index.htm play the blues interactively
http://kevan.org/proce55ing/zombies/ a zombie applet thingy. fascinating to watch.


This morning, it was so cold that there was frost on car windows, and I could see my breath. By the time I left school (late afternoon), it was so sunny, it hurt eyes. Oh yeah, there was blue sky and clouds etc etc. It looked like spring. Crap.

Just a few days before, it was nicely grey miserably raining (scroll up). When it's spring, it means bugs are giving birth. And grass starts to grow. Which means I have to cut it. Which means I have to wander into PooLand and clean up his crap. When it's cold (ie. the wintry months), I get lazy and let Lance do his business wherever he wants to in the yard. Let nature take care of the cleanup. Unforunately, nature doesn't always do a good job of decomposing his stuff, and hence, we end up with a yard that I refer to PooLand, because you should only walk on it at your own risk. Because the land is filled with his poo.

My great appreciative thanks goes to God though. I've been noticing the grass get longer over the past few weeks as the weather gets warmer, and I make a good effort to try to ignore it.
"Pretend it isn't growing, because then I don't have to cut it!"
"Wait, its raining outside, I can't cut it!"
"It rained a few days ago, the ground is still wet, I can't cut it!"

...that sort of thing.

Today, as mentioned, it was sunny and it was still sunny by the time I got home. The ground was relatively quite dry. No more excuses. I decided to go and cut the grass. And here's why I'm so thankful - because of all the heavy rain from the past week, most of Lance's doodies were gone! Made my chore a little bit easier.

For those in Edmonton, my heart goes out to you. It must have felt good to kick that twelve straight loss streak.... sort of....

Been seeing gas for 108 - 114¢/litre. Wow.


Bernice said...

UBC was monsooning. and laking.. and ponding.. it was not a fun week weather wise. plus, it's so windy there that at some points there's no point in me using my umbrella. I end up going the wrong direction because my umbrella catches the wind and I go flying. kinda like mary poppins... hmm...

Tim said...

in real life, mary poppins doesn't exist. and those stupid chalk drawings were fake. that was really disappointing for me as a child.