Friday, June 27, 2008

Climate Action Dividend + Carbon Tax

I received my Climate Action Dividend cheque in the mail for $100 yesterday (or the day before yesterday? I can't remember). Yay money. Initially I wanted to get a gun... but that's not happening anytime soon... (and perhaps not an "enviromentally sound purchase" that the government would approve of.. *shrugs*). Anyways, boo carbon tax. It's such a.... um... yeah. I think everyone feels the same way about the $100 cheque and carbon tax. Like a friend said, it's like beating a dead horse, so really, there's not much left for me to say.

I still think this whole "lets stop global warming" thing is a dumb fad too. I'm really beginning to hate the words/phrases: going green, [insert adjective/noun] environment, carbon [insert noun], environmentally [insert adjective/noun], greenhouse [insert noun], etc.

....on the other hand, yay lower income taxes; hopefully the lower income taxes really will offset the other increased taxes as it's planned to. And maybe this is the only way to start teaching people to start being better stewards and not so wasteful. I guess I can't complain too much if that happens.

...on the other hand, I think it's sort of sad if it has to come down to that... that money is the reason that teaches people how to be more responsible of physical things (because of what 1 Me 6:10 says). Since I was young, I've always been taught to recycle and limit my waste/stuff I throw out and to only purchase things that are necessary... (ha! I guess that wouldn't be true if I bought that gun now huh?)

...on another hand (if you've been counting yes, I have four hands*) if this carbon tax takes more people off from driving on the road and more people start riding bicycles, then I'll give a whoop, whoop. I like bicycles. Even more than Queen.

I think my $100 will go towards getting a new toilet. The one in our house is cracked and leaking this blue liquid... and we don't even use blue coloured toilet cleaner...*shrugs*

*Disclaimer: Kidding, I only have two hands. And been seeing gas for 144 to as high as 149¢/litre.

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Anonymous said...

gas prices went up 15-20 cents for the 7 weeks I was away. and this is BEFORE the carbon tax. I am not impressed.
also, maybe you should use your $100 on a new toilet. i'm grossed out by the mysterious blue liquid.