Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I missed Ping Pong Playa (twice) and Obama is in

I was planning to go to this year's Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) when I received an email about it, but I missed it, thanks again in part to school. Actually, pretty much all of the parts are due to school, so it's all school's fault. So many group projects and assigments... so time consuming. That's life as a student though. Isn't it? Yeah that sounds about right.

I went to VAFF two years ago for my ASC 300 class. I enjoyed it. We watched The Grace Lee Project (a documentary). It wouldn't have been my first film pick to watch at VAFF, but it was mandatory since it was related to our syllabus. But that's not the point of this post... the point of this post is that Ping Pong Playa was playing on VAFF's opening night last Thursday, which I missed, and then there was an encore screening of it on Saturday night ($5 cheaper than VAFF's opening night, hehe) and I missed that too. So here it sits on my mental "To Watch" list.

It looks funny. And not just sell-out funny (eg. Kung Pow! Enter the Fist and Balls of Fury <-- please keep in mind, I have not seen either of these movies and I hope I do not because they look stupid and a waste of my time) but hilarious realistic, comedic smart-funny. That kind of funny is a good funny. In other news, in case you were hiding under a rock last week (which if you were, that's a pretty lousy, dirty, hiding spot...unless it was the Batcave, but if it was the Batcave, then you should have known about this because Batman has nice technology down there), Barack Obama will be the next president of the US. The news coverage was crazy. And people's reactions, not only in the US, but here in Canada and around the world were even crazier. And this was a bad kind of crazy. Almost a foolish kind of crazy. One part of me hopes that Obama will be the good leader he is thought to be. The other part of me hopes he fails miserably when he comes into term so that it will humble those who chose him (although, that would deeply hurt and probably cause more turmoil in the world, which is very, very bad...and very, very painful). I say this because it appears people idolize him and see him as a functional saviour.

Why put your faith in man, who is the same flesh and blood as you, and who makes the same mistakes as you? Just as Obama has the capability to succeed, he has the exact same chance and capability to fail. I like the NIV version's warning in Psalm 146: 3-4: "Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing." When Obama is no longer president, the world will still have troubles, along with new ones. And you and I will still be wrecked and doomed with our own mistakes and our own sin. There is no salvation in man. Sometimes it takes a great humbling, before God's children turns back to Him. Maybe?

Saw the cheapest gas in a looong time last Friday for 95.7¢/litre. Now it hovers around the $1.00 range.

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Anonymous said...

i saw gas today for 93 cents. beat that! that's pretty much the lowest i've seen it since high school -- and that was like ages ago.

and ya, i have mixed views on Obama being president. time will tell what kind of change, as promised, his presidency will bring.