Saturday, December 06, 2008

Kraft's Delissio Rising Crust pizza is salty

Very very very salty!

I ate the 3 Meat variety. All of it. According to the box, it was 865g, but is that before or after it's cooked? Mmmmm.... 1.9lbs of pizza goodness.

It was a tad salty though. I finished it about two hours ago, and I'm feeling better now than how I felt about one hour ago. One hour ago, I felt STUUUUFFFED. Now I just feel stuffed.

According to the box, 1/6th of the pizza has 960mg of sodium, or 40% of the daily recommended(?) value. So since I at 6/6ths, I had 5760mg of sodium in this one meal, or 140% more than what I was supposed to have today.

These pretzels, I mean, this pizza is making me thirsty...

I think a lot of the saltiness was in the "zesty tomato sauce," because that was pretty salty (hehe, cogency...). Would I eat this stuff again? Probably yes, because the rising crust was actually quite nice. Would I eat this stuff again tomorrow? That's a tough question.

In summary, I guess this post could have been labeled as Pointless Post #17, but I think it's too long to be considered an official Pointless Post. Don't you have better things to do?


Johnson said...

wouldn't 6 slices be 240 percent? :O

were u really hungry?

Tim said...

it is, but i ate "140% more," which should be 240% right?

no wait, i phrased it funny...
no wait, 140% more than 100% is 240% right? is that proper english?

ok for the record it is 240%.

yes i was hungry.

Anonymous said...

So what have been the effects of over-sodiumizing (that's definitely not a word)?

Tim said...

best english student ever!


um, i've just been really thirsty.
really really thirsty.
o yeah, i also have super-strength and can fly, but i don't think it'll last.

Lindsay said...

that's why.. salt is an inadequate analogy of Christ in this world.. because too much saltiness can be a bad thing.. but too much Christ.. well.. we can never have too much of Christ ;)