Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pointless Post #21

While washing my face, I thought a gigantic pimple was starting to form near my eye because it was sort of sore there, and then I remembered my glasses cut me when I got hit in the eye on Monday with a hockey ball. I'm so forgetful.

I have about three good posts I want to get up, but they're very time consuming and require me to think critically. Probably won't happen for the next few weeks.
Sigh, sorry, today's post wasn't funny. It was VERY pointless though, so extra points there. And I win!

Gas has been in the 80s range for awhile, but today I saw it at a low of 93 and a high of 97.9¢/litre.

What are Pointless Posts?

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Johnson said...

first part is kinda funny