Monday, March 09, 2009

Pointless Post #23

I washed my headband by hand earlier today because I'm going to need it when I play floor hockey later (I have amazing sweat glands in my forehead! Wait, do I even have sweat glands in my forehead? I'm not a biologist...) Ahem, regardless, whenever I play sports, sweat pours down my face and I use a headband to keep the sweat from my eyes.

So after I washed my headband, it was still really, really wet, even after I had wrung it out. So instead of sticking it in the dryer (which would have been wasteful, all by itself), I tried microwaving it. Three minutes later, it started to smoke so I quickly took it out and success! It was 90% dry!

So now I have a partially burnt headband, our house smells like burnt-something, but it's still useable!

Yes, I'm Chinese. Thankyoubyebyeee! [said with high-pitched nasal Canto accent]

What are Pointless Posts?

1 comment:

Johnson said...

couldn't you just let it dry naturally? or i guess u needed it the same day