Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pointless Post #31

I'm waiting at Gate 21. Another layover in Hong Kong International airport. Earlier today, after going through customs in Penang, I bought a bunch of drinks totaling to RM 9, because stuff is slightly more expensive in HKIA. While going through the transfer mini customs thingy after landing in Hong Kong, they confiscated all my drinks because the containers were all over 100ml. Completely stupid.

I was in a bad mood (I don't like being dehydrated) and had to buy new drinks (to rehydrate) but while at the checkout counter as I paid for my bottle of $10 HKD water, I found a $20 HKD note on a little ledge . The $20 HKD converts to roughly RM 9, or about $3 CDN. So, it sort of worked out, except that in Penang, I had the purchasing power of 1.85L of safe bottled liquid while in Hong Kong, I only had the purchasing power of 1L with the same amount of money (roughly). Oh wells.

Here's a picture of me brushing my teeth in the middle of the airport.
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Danny said...

Dude, what are you going to Penang for? I think you told me previously but I sorta forgot.

Johnson said...

are u gonna blog about that toilet concept restaurant that i see on ur facebook? XD

Tim said...

no cause it wasn't my idea to go there to begin with, and i find it to be a rather disgusting concept.

if market demand goes up, i may change my mind though. it probably won't be very positive.