Friday, September 25, 2009

Pointless Post #36

I wish more of my brain was HDD, rather than RAM. So much info to memorize in classes.

The bus was so packed and hot the other day, a drop of sweat fell from my face onto a guy's arm who was sitting. I apologized and he was understanding.

Leg still twitching, but hardly as frequent. Maybe 5 or less times a day now. I kind of miss it.

Had a presentation this week. We're encouraged to use humour, so I Rickroll'd the class. No one got the joke. So I called out "FAIL" on myself (I think some people understood that), and then I continued on.

Tim is not funny and is boring.


What are Pointless Posts?


Anonymous said...

What about an SSD?

Or what about a human neural network? I hear those things are amazing.

And how hot is it over there in Vancouver?! It's nice and cool over here :) ("...there's no place like this, no other place like this for me." - Ontario)

And I saw gas for like 86 cents or something ridiculously cheap like that, today :)

AND HOW did they not know what Rickrolling was?! If you were at Waterloo, you'd have no trouble (unless maybe if you were in some super artsy class or something).

Tim said...


human neural network - to many fancy words for me to understand what it really is

past few days mid 20s, but now low 20 to high teens, night time is about 10. it's supposed to start raining all next week. kinda looking forward to it.

gas is about 108?

it was a crim class.

Jill said...

have you gotten that twitching checked out by a doctor??

also, i remember when you Rickroll'd us at Ignite and we didn't get it either. it's funny NOW.

Tim said...

no. and i think its stopped now...
haven't noticed it the past few days

Johnson said...

haha i just saw ur other comics in the peak... awesome! i guess that's one thing off the "100 must-do's" checked off eh?