Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dead bird and ice tea

I have work to do, but I don't want to do it. I could go to sleep now, but I don't want to yet either (partially because I'm not too sleepy).
So I thought I'd write a little something.

Firstly, in the past year, I believe I have never drank so much ice tea in my life. I like ice tea. It taste good. It's also a good alternative to soft drinks because I'm not the biggest fan of carbonate beverages (aaagh my mouth it hurts!). I guess this is a testament to how many times I've eaten fast food this year. And it is a lot. I guess that's probably a bad thing. This is sort of significant for me because usually, I only drink milk, water, and the occasional juice...box. Yes I still bring them to school with me from time to time. I try to be a simple person.

Secondly, last night after taking the dog out to pee before going to bed, he sniffed at something on the ground, and upon closer inspection, I realized it was a bird! I thought it was dead, and was about to poke it (to check to see if it really was dead), until it's head moved slightly. Pitiful looking thing just sitting there, in the rain, in the cold, looking miserable. So finally, I picked it up with some paper towel (didn't come into contact with it) and put it in a shoebox with some more paper towel. Turns out it was injured and bleeding, from somewhere. We could only tell it was bleeding because the paper towel was smeared on some parts. After some googling, the BC SPCA website suggests to leave it alone, and to call a wildlife rehab centre. So... it was past 11pm last night when I discovered the bird, so that means I'll have to wait until morning to call the centre.

This morning, open the shoebox, and lo and behold, the bird is dead. Pity. At least it died warm. Went out to backyard, buried the dead bird. Now I'm out of a shoebox...


Jill said...

A small bird once flew into one of our windows. We put it in a shoebox. It died too. And then my dad threw it out. Sad.

Also, if you don't like carbonated drinks, does that mean you like flat pop?

Tim said...

I DO!!!!