Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pointless Post #40

I just finished the last research paper of my undergraduate studies! And most likely my life! And it's a reasonable hour, not the middle of the night/early morning/late morning/must-hand-in-few-hours-from now (aka no sleep before handing it in)! Twenty-two and one half hours before its due! A new Tim-record!

Now I have about 200-250 pages to read (in PDFs) for an in-class final tomorrow.... the same class the term paper was due for. Too bad prof doesn't know how to space things out.

Productivity... yeah!!!

In other Tim-news, my school-related posts will soon cease.

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Jill said...

I commend your paper-writing record. I can't recall ever having finished a research paper at a reasonable hour.

Paulman said...

Yay! Wait a sec, does this mean that you're done all your school work for now?

(Cause you had mentioned something about a little L4D action by Dec 4th nighttime... :P )

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm trying to tempt you, if you still need to study or do school work :P