Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wipeout Canada is RACIST

Wipeout Canada is RACIST because they didn't pick me! I'm Chinese, so they must hate Chinese people! Actually, that's probably not true at all....I think they didn't pick me because I wore glasses in my audition video. I can really see without my glasses! Ugh. Also, they're racist.

The callback interview/auditions(?) were last Thursday (July 22) at the River Rock Casino, and I was not invited. I saw the snippet they did on Global BC news that night and most of the people in line where (drumroll please....) white! Surprise, surprise! I bet all the show's producers are......WHITE! I think all the judges were white. Anyways, I saw one girl's face that was Asian-looking....other than that....nope. In all seriousness, I'm joking about the racist thing. I just like to stir up trouble because I have nothing else better to do. Or do I?

The main website claims that applicants shouldn't give up hope and that they will still contact I guess I should cross my fingers. One percent of me is actually really excited that I still have a chance! The other 99% is plotting vendetta. I mean, I didn't say that out loud.

PS - I love white people. I was just kidding, haha Chinese make the funny joke!

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