Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pointless Post #62

Good songs to listen to in the morning to wake you up and get you motivated:

Enterprising Young Men - Star Trek (OST 2009) by Michael Giacchino


Macho Man by The Village People
(won't let me embed, poop)

...oh wow, I just watched that video and it was surprisingly gay, hahaha.
Still a great, catchy song though.

Speaking of gay (as in merriness), a customer, who's name I don't even know, made fun of me a few days ago by telling me that my ponytail was really weak. I laughed him off and told him I was working on it.

Where does he get the nerve to tell me that?
It's My Little Pony!!!
But in his defense, he's right, haha!


Jill said...

Tim, what is this ponytail about? Is this for cancer? Are you donating your hair?

Tim said...

i need super nazarite strength so that i can enter strong-man competitions.

actually, i just want long hair. now seems like a good time.

unfortunately, my hair is too un-pretty to donate. probbaly.

Tim said...

oh and because of HST, I can't afford haircuts. or at least thats one of my reasons now, haha!