Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pointless Post #81 - "Iron Man" Edition

I was blessed enough to attend a screening of The Dark Knight Rises last night with some friends.  During the previews before the film started, everyone was still talking to their neighbours and such (including me), but the entire theatre started to quiet down during the new Superman trailer because of how cool it looked (Nolan and Snyder touches, how can it not?).  Then just as the trailer was about to end and the title Man of Steel appeared and you hear and see glimpses of Superman streaking through the sky, as he prepares to break the sound barrier, my friend beside me says very loudly:

"Oooh, IRON Man!"

And a bunch of us just start cracking up, but not only our little group, but our section of the theatre.  Particularly one guy one or two rows in front of us because I could hear him stifling his giggles the same way I was.  It was more about the delivery of the joke.  You had to be there.

By the way, Christopher Nolan,


Paulman said...

Oh, man. If only I'd read your blog post earlier. I saw it in Ontario on the 20th, but I saw it again with Alana and Jacky after coming back to BC and I could have TOTALLY pulled this off!

Tim said...

you're just two weeks late to my comment party. no biggie. XD
in fairness, sometimes i don't read your posts right away, or i skim them when they're sooooooo long like your most recent one.