Friday, November 30, 2012

New "Spider-Man" Page

Saw the BC Lions win a few weeks ago.  Added it to the album.

Spider-Man throws an imaginary football at BC Place

And hohohooooo.......
I also made a new album of all the pictures I took of Spider-Man in Constanta and London!!!!


Yes, 132 new things to be exact.  The original album only had 101 pictures so I more than doubled that.

I placed links to the albums in a new "Spider-Man Pics & Poses" page (see the menu tab at the top of the page) as well as brought back an old page that I made in 2004 explaining the origins of my doll and why I have no friends in real life.

Check it out here! PEW PEW!

Gas was 119.9¢/litre and 128.9 on November 14.  Has been around the low 120s since.

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