Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mini Life Update

It's neat to be able to look back and reflect on changes in my life.  Things that I used to consider important and a fairly significant part of my life that really aren't important anymore and also things I wouldn't have imagined myself doing a couple years ago.  Also, changes in general because that's always new and exciting.

It was pretty much last fall where I stopped caring about the Canucks and hockey.  It makes me a little sad to say that, but not that sad since the team sucks (eg. missing the 2013-2014 Playoffs ).  And the team isn't the same team as the one I knew and loved.  So many guys have gone in and out that I don't know who plays on what line anymore. LOOOUUUUU!

Soccer, however, or football, the beautiful game...... aaah nothing beats that.  Whitecaps FC, Chelsea FC, Barclays Premiere League, EUFA Champion's League, etc etc etc.  It's much more satisfying in my opinion.  I definitively couldn't have said that 2 - 3 years ago.

Oh and wearing colourful socks.  I know I've mentioned this before, but it's just so fun!  I've always tried to wear clothing that's very muted and "blah," usually dark coloured clothing, but I LOVE wearing crazy socks.  I like looking at other people's socks too.  I was at a "random" Bible study this week and I met a girl who was wearing the same colour mismatch as me, ON THE SAME FEET. Sock besties! 8^D

I can't even remember her name or what she looks like, but she has great taste in feetwear!

I care less about what other people think (to a degree) and I have another new job.  That reminds me, I had to have my photo taken for the security pass card for building access and I wanted to smile ridiculously because in my mind that's hilarious, but the lady who was taking my picture took way too long to press the shutter and my jaw fatigued and so I ended up look stupidly overjoyed instead.  It's still kinda funny though.

My schnozz looks huge
 I also have a bit more of a desire to eat healthily and exercise regularly, but whether I actually follow through on that......hmmm. Let's just say that on Labour Day this year, despite beautiful sunny weather, I stayed inside all day after making a whole pack of bacon, and then I cooked the eggs and toast in the bacon grease.  Thank you God :-)

Just looking at this picture makes me happy
EDIT: and cereal! I used to be a long time eater of (G)Oatmeal Crisp (+ 10 years) by General Mills, but now I almost only eat Honey Nut Bunches of Oats.... by POST! What is going on in my life?!!????!

Gas was in the 137 range for the longest time and now its at 126.9¢/litre. WHAT.

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