Sunday, May 31, 2015

Still alive, just busy. Sigh.

I know, I hardly blog anymore. I'm sorry to my one and a half faithful readers out there in Internet-land.  I'm just too physically and perhaps mentally exhausted to sit down and write after a full day's work plus other life duties (eg. church).  More sighing.

If you need proof of my continued existence, I update my Flickr almost every weekday with doodles on my chalkboard mug.  The last time I mentioned it, I had 53 pictures. Now I have 319 (or is it 317?). Yay.

And my Twitter feed is still going strong and that gets updated daily. DAILY!
This month's theme was to tweet in different languages.  Here are the translations for the month of May, still responding to my very important question: Have my bowels moved today?

May 1 – Yes (English)
May 2 – Oui (French)
May 3 – Si (Spanish)
May 4 - Ja (Danish)
May 5 – Shi (Mandarin Chinese)
May 6 – Sim (Portuguese)
May 7 – Ken (Hebrew)
May 8 – Ndiyo (Swahili)
May 9 – Na’am (Arabic)
May 10 – Han (Hindustani)
May 11 – Ye (Korean)
May 12 – Nai (Greek)
May 13 – Ano (Czech)
May 14 – Hai (Japanese)
May 15 – Baleh (Pashto)
May 16 – Yebo (Zulu)
May 17 - Bai (Basque)
May 18 - Ne (Greek again, oops)
May 19 - Aa (Inuktitut)
May 20 - Haw (Lakhota)
May 21 - Taip (Lithuanian)
May 22 - Hajur (Nepali)
May 23 - Va (Romani)
May 24 - Ioe (Samoan)
May 25 - Ae (Maori)
May 26 - Tak (Polish)
May 27 – Óo (Tagalog)
May 28 – Vâng (Vietnamese)
May 29 – Awo (Amharic)
May 30 – Da (Russian)
May 31 - E'he' (Cree)

They all translate to "yes."

History Maker 2015 in Chilliwack during Victoria Day long weekend was a blast and a success since no kids were left behind, haha.  But in addition to that, many heard from God and made life-impacting decisions to follow Jesus. I am completely blown away that I get to witness and journey along with my little (well, some are much bigger than me) brothers and sisters at my church. I am so unworthy and yet God still let's me do stuff for Him. It doesn't make sense. Only by His grace and mercy does it start to make sense though.  The City Harmonic and Omega Levine were really cool too.  The two videos linked above were a labour of love by David and are just a glimpse of how MMMPPPHHH the weekend was.

Chelsea FC were awarded the Barclay's Premiere League trophy last week, Whitecaps FC are doing really well this year, and the Women's World Cup, of which Vancouver is a host city, is a week away.

And most importantly, I have a niece now! Almost three weeks old! And a moustache! Crazy!

I'm googling instructions on how to hold a baby properly.

Gas has been in the 129.9 - 134.9¢/litre range the past few weeks. Those buggers.

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