Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Banana Manna > "Banana Bread"

I recently bought twenty overly ripe bananas on Flashfoods for $1.50 so naturally I had to make banana bread, except I've never baked before!  And then the recipe I use ( calls for a cup of sugar.  A can of pop is about 30g of sugar. 

One cup of sugar is 225g!!!!!!

Who's the genius who thought it should be called "banana bread?" This is literally cake!  And when I add chocolate chips (because all banana bread should be required to have chocolate in it) it's defos cake.

And then it hit me...  The Israelites received bread from heaven in the desert or manna as they called it.  The baked goods I'm creating are a literal gift from God since they're made with my hands.  And the taste and smell of this cake? Mmmm heavenly.  Bingo, bango, BANANA MANNA!  It even rhymes! Bongo!

Banana Manna is such a better name than "banana bread" that it's crazy no one has thought of this before!!!!  Except I just did a google search and I'm wrong (yet again).

God bless this woman and her Banana Manna.


Banana Manna

It tasted better the next day.

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