Friday, December 09, 2005

I am become free

Also, I am improper grammar as well.

What a burden lifted now that I’m done my finals. One month breakage! (my apologies to everyone who still must study, it’ll be over soon. I saw the light. It’s bright. There’s no school work on this side too)

To those of interest, (if you’re heading to winter conference), the Countdown to Cow Town is approx. 18 days.
Before that happens, I am soooo looking forward to sleep. And hockey. And food. And more sleep. And maybe some house cleaning. And some C: formatting. And a few naps. Just your basic, general, typical, normal, ordinary, relaxation (oh yeah, I used a thesaurus).

While I’m in the order of saying uninteresting things, I
saw petrol for 88.9 ¢ / litre today (but its been and even now in some places around 90 something cents). I wonder why the prices are going down….

Conspiracy Theory: New technologies soon to be unveiled in the automotive market will cause gasoline to be less needed/consumed. I’m not thinking just electric. I’m thinking BIGGER technology!
Reality: I’m making stuff up.

Bah, seacrest out.
“that joke is so old Tim”
“I know, I know...”

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