Thursday, December 01, 2005

End of week 13 fo’ me & crazy thoughts

Wow, time flew by so fast this semester…what an overused cliché. But it’s true! Hopefully it’ll go faster so I can retire soon [grinning].

I have a theory, since time seems to go faster as we age, I think that God must be making the earth rotate faster, and because of the earth spinning faster, that’s why there have been so many natural disasters and strange weather patterns lately (like it snowing here now, again). Possibly? No…if that were true, than Michael Jackson would be black [crowd groans], (ok that wasn’t very nice. He’s a good musician. There that evens things out).

Anyways, No! Not a chance! Who am I kidding?!?! Trying to explain the acceleration of our measured continuum of ongoing occurring experiences and abnormal geophysical phenomena by way of the more expeditious circular gyrating progression of this particular planet?!!?! I can’t even predict gas prices!!! Which reminds me, I saw 89.9 ¢ / litre today. It’s going down folks. Just like my pants when I forget to put my belt on [crowd groans again].

Everyone reading this now has bad imagery/pictures in their mind of 1) Michael Jackson and 2) me bottomless. Hey, now you have a reason to go to therapy. Pink elephants! Pink elephants!

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