Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boring Post about Gas Prices

Gas was 89.9¢/litre today, while it was around 93 a few days ago. I also saw 87.4 (or something like that) too, but that was because it was a small gas station, and it subtracted 3.5¢ already from its face price, instead of having that dumb gimmick (that all the big large chain gas stations) with a sign saying it will subtract 3.5¢ when you get to the pump. That was really bad english.

How exciting my life is, that I talk about the price of gasoline all the time. Whoopee.

If you need a laugh, read these (have I posted about this before? I can’t remember…). They’re the funniest ratings/comments given on They are veddy veddy funny. Funnier than squirting ketchup into your parent’s mouths when they sleep (I never did those things, I’m a good boy.)

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