Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Bad grammar throughout this whole entry. Sorry for headache caused by my bad reading, disconnected thoughts all over.

Wow middle of week 6 in semester already. Don’t feel like it though. Olympics been very calming for the nerves to watch whenever I flick on TV. Anyone notice the TV-crazed athletes in the “mosh-pit” of the Opening Ceremonies? Waving and jumping around whenever the camera pointed near them? While the important Olympic officials/presidents/whatever tried to say elegant speech stuff? Funny stuff. Men’s hockey at 4am. Groan. Time Zones.

Know what’s fun? Running from Skytrain to the Seabus, hoping you catch it before it leaves otherwise stuck waiting for 30 minutes for the next Seabus. I call it the FunRun. Panicky and motivating to see big red digital countdown clock tick down (see picture), under a minute while racing up and down the escalators to hopefully catch sailing and not get stuck. Phew. Unless you’ve done it before, you won’t understand very well. It’s very gratifying and semi-humbling experience when you able to make it, or not.

Some website trends on Lands of Terribleness. Students at Canadian universities (eg. U of Manitoba/ Waterloo/ Western Ontario/ Nipissing/ York/ Laurentian/ Dalhousie tend to google and find my site via searches relating to this post. Whereas students at USA’n universities (eg. Michigan State/ Stanford/ CAL U of Pennsylvania/ Ohio Northern/ Minnesota) tend to google and find my site via searches relating to this. Funny to see, the interests of students divided by 49th parallel.

On more serious note, its strange how you can notice people and know they exist, but they have no clue you exist. While on bus I saw a young guy again, who I've noticed before a few times. Pale, lanky, crew cut, looks like 15 years old, always dressed in very dirty construction looking yard clothes, always wears a hat that’s too big, and head looks to be too small for the body. Doesn’t make loud noises/talk/draw attention to self, just sits quietly like a good bus passenger. Very strange to me. I wonder how come he’s riding the bus, not in school, why dressed like that, what will he do next. Can’t help but wonder. Some people look out of place, not look like the rest of the “normal” society, and just happen to notice them. People watching. You do it too, admit it. Big place world is. Many people. Wandering around. Yep.

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