Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pretty meaningless post…handwashing? fortune cookie?

Still busy. Still working on the whole time management thing. La dee da.
You know, it’s funny, I was thinking a while ago, it feels like I’m getting more sleep now, as I’m in uni, than I did while in high school. I haven’t pulled many all-nighters (but I might pull a few next week, whoopee) but I remember staying up late to finish junk quite semi-frequently in HS. Maybe it’s because my classes start later too. Hmm.

Recently, I’ve had to visit the library (WAC Bennett of course........hahaha! whack Ben! o dear that wasn't funny at all) a number of times to do research and other boring etc etc. And while there, I usually check my email on a computer and try to start doing work. But whenever I’m done, I always feel so dirty…so contaminated. The library computers are used by who-knows-how-many people each day and I try not to imagine what people have or haven’t touched, prior to coming to the library. I almost feel renewed after I wash my hands, getting rid of that sticky, oily, grimy feeling from my palms and fingers.

And you know what? I’m grateful for public bathrooms with free cleaning soap agents.
And hot water.
And an apparatus to dry your hands with.
So fresh and clean!

Before I end this pretty meaningless post, just for fun, I was at an average Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago, and we all got a fortune cookie at the end of the meal. And wow, aren’t I special, I found FOUR “fortunes” in mine. Below is the pic of what I found in my cookie. The last one made me laugh. Ha, if that were true…I’d probably be acing 254. Stupid accounting….grrr.

This Just In: the Terriblelands is ranked first on Google for "squirrel fishing video" and "Squirrel fishing videos" heeheeeheee.

Edit: April 11, 2006 - no longer have this ranking. boo.

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