Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sinking ferry and Suicide seeds

I had a 10 page (le double epacé) paper due Tuesday. Today being Wednesday, it means I’ve finished the essay, and it’s out of the way (though I only had about 6.5 pages… ahahahee hehe…eh..hehe ..heeee... [continues nervous laughing]). Now I have a 4 pager for Friday. Should be oodles of joy!

This morning, soon after waking up, I’d heard the news that a BC Ferry had sunk. Wow. My jaw dropped. I’m still a little floored by this. I was on a BC Ferry a month ago and while boarding, I remember walking around the inner deck (whatever its called) and I saw an employee doing a pre-trip preparation thingy by counting out life jackets at a muster station. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be funny if I went up to the guy and asked him to save me one, as a stupid tim-joke. You never think this kind of think will happen, and then BAM, Murphy’s Law kicks in for the Queen of the North ferry, today. Makes me take a step back to think.
Oh yeah, funny thing on the news (not “haha funny” but “interesting” funny), the reporter said something about luck saving all (except 2?) of the passengers safely. So much for Providence.

In my POL 100 class, the TA likes to write words that relate to current events on the chalkboard that we have to guess/discuss in tutorial, and one of them yesterday was “suicide seeds.” Basically, they are genetically modified seeds that after being planted will die after one usage. So that when it’s harvest time, there’s no new seeds to get that can be used for the next planting season. That means the farmer has to go and buy new suicide seeds from a company, each time they’re done planting/harvesting. Something about this just screams evil. Why? For one thing, they’re genetically modified. Uh, not a good idea to try and upstage God. And another, the business in charge is trying to take away the livelihood of the farmer. There’s so many other negativities, I don’t know what else to say. Most of it has already been voiced somewhere. When I get time, I’m going to visit and read more about this.

Time for a sigh.
I saw gas for 106.6¢/litre yesterday. Why’s it so high all of a sudden?!

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